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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Into the Void’

Published on October 9th, 2019 | Updated on October 9th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Into the Void’

Team Flash is back and everything is not well in Central City. Barry and Iris are struggling following the loss of Nora, even though they both know that eventually, they’ll be able to see her again. Not only do they have the emotional trauma to deal with, but black holes are opening up all over the city. There’s also the mystery surrounding Godspeed, who appears, and once caught, spouts nonsense. Something is definitely wrong.

Luckily for Team Flash, they get to the bottom of the back holes. A tech-geek named Chester accidentally opened one, tethering his consciousness to the anomalies. The team is forced to decide between somehow pulling Chester’s mind out of the black holes, or killing him to end the series of attacks. Barry refuses to let someone else die, knowing there has to be another way. Eventually, they realize that Nora can help them. Cisco strips the tech from her gauntlet and puts it in Barry’s suit, allowing him to travel into the black hole. At first, it doesn’t seem like it worked. Then Barry miraculously returns with Chester’s consciousness. That’s one problem solved.

Caitlin is having some issues with Killer Frost. While reconnecting with an old friend, Ramsey, at his mother’s funeral, she suddenly experiences icy powers. With help from Ralph, she discovers that Killer Frost hasn’t ever been allowed to live a life. Caitlin only lets her “live” when they’re in a fight. Caitlin agrees to let Killer Frost have a bit of time out in the real world so she can really experience life.

The Flash/The CW

Now, Ramsey has an agenda of his own. He and Caitlin had a sit-down following the funeral in which he told her he was working on a cure for cancer. He didn’t want anyone else to die like his mother. Caitlin looks at his formula, recognizing that it will work, but also seeing that it might turn the person into a metahuman. Ramsey doesn’t heed her warning and uses it on himself. Lo and behold, a black growth takes over his arm.

Barry and Iris have lost Nora and her message from the future, but they do still have a part of her to hold onto. They put her jacket in a display case in the Time Vault. The healing process can finally begin, but nothing can ever be easy. Monitor appears in the Vault. He reveals that the day Barry disappears has changed to December 10, 2019 (Hello, crossover). Monitor then tells Barry that on that day, he will make the ultimate sacrifice. Barry will die.

The Flash/The CW

The Flash definitely came in throwing punches in its Season 6 premier. We have this mystery of Speedsters appearing who don’t have any communication skills. We also have the return of Monitor. The more immediate danger is Ramsey and whatever he created. It’s definitely going to be a rough year for Barry and company.

Next week’s episode is ‘A Flash of Lightning.’

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