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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Infantino Street’

Published on May 17th, 2017 | Updated on May 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Infantino Street’

In this week’s penultimate episode of The Flash, Barry teams up with Captain Cold in order to steal a piece of Dominator tech from Argus that will power the Speed Force Bazooka. Barry picks up Snart from one of his missions with the Legends (before his untimely death), promising to return him to that exact moment once they have completed the heist. Meanwhile, Iris, Joe, and Wally head to Earth-2 in order to keep Iris safe (they don’t tell Barry where they are headed).

Barry and Snart manage to infiltrate Argus and get to the room where the power source is being kept, but unfortunately it is under the protection of King Shark. Snart gets the room down to a cold temperature to knock out the mutant shark and they get the power source. However, it wasn’t cold enough and King Shark revives, attacking the two. Barry gets out of the room before the door closes, trapping Snart inside with King Shark. Luckily, Barry doesn’t abandon Snart (because this would have messed with time a whole lot if Snart didn’t make it back). The two of them escape together and Team Flash celebrates their victory.

But Savitar has his own plan. He appears at S.T.A.R. Labs in his Flash suit, keeping the mutilated side of his face hidden from Cisco and H.R. and asks where Iris was taken. Believing they’ve won, H.R. tells Savitar. He runs to Earth-2 and kidnaps Iris. There is only one hope now for Iris and that is getting the Speed Force Bazooka working.

Before the time Iris is fated to die, Cisco has a vibe of Killer Frost calling to him. He tells Barry that he has been having vibes of him and her fighting in a snowy forest for months. Cisco knows that he has to go and confront her. Barry tells him to go, saying that the bazooka will work. In the forest, Killer Frost and Vibe have their showdown. I just hope that Cisco can get to the point where he stops holding back against her. If not, he’ll lose his hands.

It’s midnight. Barry arrives on Infantino Street and is shortly joined by Savitar and Iris. Barry pleads with Savitar to let her go, saying that he doesn’t need to do this. Savitar says that in order to be born, she has to die. Barry pulls out the bazooka and fires, but Savitar was planning for this. He uses the philosopher’s stone to trap the energy being shot at him. With the failure of the bazooka, Barry is out of options. Savitar tells Barry he’s failed and the scene we have seen several times plays out for real. Savitar kills Iris.

Where do we go from here?

Everything played out exactly as time dictated and you can’t help but wonder if there was anything Team Flash could’ve done to change it. There is one possibility to rewrite the past and that comes down to the final showdown between Barry and Savitar. It is actually rather simple. All Barry has to do to change everything is not create time remnants to stop Savitar. That’s when the twisted Barry was born, so if that never happens, Savitar is never created. Everything resets. Is that how the finale will play out with the reset being the cliffhanger into season four? Lots of things would change if Savitar had never come around. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming in next week’s season finale.

The acting this week was strong, especially from Candice Patton and Jesse L. Martin. Iris and Joe’s scene together on Earth-2 broke your heart as they confessed secrets to each other. They closed it out by singing and dancing together. The next time you had your heart ripped out was when Barry was running to try to save Iris in the final moments, and we see a video Iris made for Barry in which she recites her wedding vows. The scene was so well done.

Come on, Barry, you have to keep fighting to save her. We can’t lose Iris.

The season three finale is entitled ‘Finish Line.’

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