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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘I Know Who You Are’

Published on May 3rd, 2017 | Updated on May 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘I Know Who You Are’

Team Flash is determined to track down Tracy Brand, who in the future will create the tech that ultimately stops Savitar. Tracy is still a grad student and it will take a lot of convincing and help to get her technology up and working. When Barry, Cisco, and H.R. arrive, Tracy is burning her life work because everyone thinks that she is crazy. They are trying to get information out of her when Killer Frost attacks. H.R. gets away with Tracy while the other two face off against their friend. There isn’t much fighting as neither side really wants to hurt the other.

Joe intercepts Tracy at CCPD, getting her statement on Killer Frost, but doing nothing with it so Team Flash can figure out how to handle her. H.R. is then sent to watch out for her. While meeting over coffee, Tracy reveals her theory on speedsters and the Speed Force. She believes that you can harness the electricity generated by the speedster to trap and control them. We’re finally getting somewhere and Killer Frost appears. She was scolded by Savitar for going easy on Team Flash, so now, she’s back with a vengeance. Killer Frost chases after the fleeing H.R. and Tracy, but Barry interferes, trying to get her turned around so that Cisco can hit her with a vibe. Cisco freezes and Barry is forced to jump in the way of an ice blast. Killer Frost comes to Barry and stabs him in the leg, exactly where she hit him last time. She escapes.

Team Flash reveals the truth to Tracy, and she is shocked that everything she believes is correct. She doesn’t quite know how to handle the news though as everyone has always turned her away. H.R. delivers a pep talk, telling her that she is a genius and can save lives with her ideas.

Meanwhile, Joe and Cecile have reached the point of “I love you”s, but Joe is hesitant to say it back. Going that much deeper into their relationship brings a lot of baggage and Joe doesn’t want to put her in danger by telling her the truth. Barry says that he should be honest with her. He knows how much Joe cares. Instead, Joe decides to break up with Cecile. Immediately after, Cecile is taken hostage by Killer Frost. In order to save her, they must turn over Tracy.

Team Flash sets a trap for Killer Frost, but she anticipates their every move, down to exactly what Barry would tell her to try and change her mind. The bombs in the rafters where Cisco is hiding go off, taking him down. She then goes after Tracy and Joe, but Barry interferes (he really needs to stop taking direct hits to the chest). Killer Frost tells Barry that he is to be left for Savitar, but before she can turn on Tracy, Cisco shoots her with a vibe, knocking her out. Cisco takes some of her blood before Savitar appears. He grabs Killer Frost and escapes.

Now that they have some of Killer Frost’s blood, Julian and Cisco think that they might be able to make a cure. Joe tells Cecile the whole truth (now that she’s figured out most of it) and apologizes for not being entirely truthful. He takes off his old wedding ring and tells her how much he loves her. Back at the West house, Joe is talking to Wally, Iris, and Barry about how he doesn’t know what he would do without love. And that’s when Barry realizes the truth. He leaves and goes to Savitar.

Barry tells Savitar that he thought that he was always just one step ahead because he could anticipate their moves, but it is something more than that. He understands everyone on an intimate level, and that’s because he was there. Barry will eventually become Savitar. Savitar comes out of the suit to reveal a twisted version of Barry Allen.

So there we have it, the popular theory that Barry is in fact Savitar has been confirmed. But the big question is why? Why would Barry kill Iris, the love of his life? What destroyed Barry so much that he would use his speed for evil and come back to torment his younger self? We saw how broken Barry is in 2024, but even then I don’t think he would make the decision to become Savitar. Is it really all about power? Or is it something more? What if Iris is originally killed much later in the future and by someone else. It broke Barry and he became Savitar. Then once he realized how much stronger and faster he got as a result of her death, he decided to make that happen sooner.

It’s a lot to process and there’s still a lot we don’t know. Three episodes left until the season finale and it feels like there’s still so much that needs to happen.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Cause and Effect.’

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