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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Goldfaced’

The Flash Recap ‘Goldfaced’

The next step in the plan to stopping Cicada is to find a field generator, which Caitlin and Barry deem impossible to find. Ralph, however, thinks he knows where they might be able to locate one. This leads Barry and Ralph deep into the Central City underground. They are in over their heads, though, as the men there slap them with power-suppressing cuffs in case they are metahumans. While scoping out what is available, Barry discovers that they have been developing guns that can shoot through body armor and kill instantly. He can’t let that go and says he will purchase all of those guns. Unfortunately, this large of a purchase tips off the criminals and they drag Barry and Ralph before their boss, Goldface. Barry is able to talk them out of the situation by claiming to be “The Chemist,” a criminal who has pulled a lot of heists, framing others for his work. Goldface believes him and says he will get them what they want if they pull a job for them.

'The Flash' Recap 'Goldfaced'
The Flash/The CW

Goldface wants them to steal a 3D printer that is being sent to a hospital. Barry and Ralph really don’t have any choice but to agree, however, Barry starts having second thoughts. Ralph thinks he might blow the mission and locks Barry in the van while the heist goes down. Once he finds the printer and sees the photos of patients it will be used for, Ralph can’t go through with it. The leader of the group knew that he couldn’t trust them and has his men lock Ralph in the truck. Barry was able to escape, though, and helps free Ralph. Then, the two of them take down every member of the group with their “cop-killing guns” set to stun. That’s when Goldface appears. A fight breaks out, with Barry and Ralph still powerless, and Goldface is quite a force to be reckoned with. The guns don’t work on him since he is literally made of gold. He summons a golden chain and uses it as a whip. He is about to strangle Ralph when Barry gets an idea. He tricks Goldface into launching the chain at him, then jumps aside. The chain catches on the electrical box, electrocuting Goldface. Luckily, it didn’t kill him, and Ralph and Barry are saved.

Meanwhile, Nora is trying to figure out how to get Sherloque off her trail. She asks Wells for advice, who responds that there is one trend that Sherloque seems to follow. He has been married four times and is a sucker for love. If Nora can get him to fall for someone, he will move away from investigating her. Nora does so and Sherloque bumps into Renee Adler. At first, he scares her off with his deductive skills. That’s when Nora swoops in and gets him some help, failing to realize that by calling in all of his past wives, Sherloque is in for a load of trouble. She also learns that Sherloque always falls in love with Renee Adler, as he married four different versions of the same woman. The wives aren’t much help, mostly demanding money from Sherloque. Later, Sherloque tries once again to talk to Renee in CC Jitters and prove himself to not be a creep. He succeeds and she agrees to meet up with him again at some point. When she leaves, the door opens of its own accord, signaling to Sherloque that she is a metahuman. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, he closes his case file on Nora and opens the one on Cicada. He is determined to keep Renee safe from Cicada since she is a meta.

Iris has started her own paper, but things aren’t going to well. She decides to get back out in the field and do some true digging, which involves getting up close and person with Cicada. She finds out where he lives and goes to investigate, but he comes home and finds her there. Iris plays it off as she is a journalist doing a story on lead in the water. She asks him some questions about his personal life, which he sort of answers. When Iris leaves, she grabs a handbag that she didn’t have when Cicada found her. He summons his dagger and tries to kill her, but Iris puts up a fight, first spraying him with mace, then later, stabbing him in the chest with her pen. She sees the wound left during the Enlightenment. Later, when Barry, Ralph, and Caitlin are talking about how they managed to defeat a powerful meta without powers, Iris tells them that she knows how to administer the cure to Cicada. She knows his weakness.

'The Flash' Recap 'Goldfaced'
The Flash/The CW

This episode proved that Barry and Ralph are strong despite their powers, but Cicada is still a lot more powerful and dangerous than Goldface. Iris was able to prove that he is human and it was nice to see Iris back out in the field, taking matters into her own hands. It was reckless and I’m sure Barry wasn’t too happy to hear that she went after Cicada on her own, but she did come back with valuable information. As for Sherloque and Nora, I don’t think he is fully turned off her scent. He has to have realized that she was pulling some of the strings behind his meeting with Renee. Perhaps he knows how closely Nora is watching him and wants to trick her into letting her guard down.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Cause and XS.’