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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Finish Line’

Published on May 24th, 2017 | Updated on May 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Finish Line’

That is how you do a season finale.

We right where we left off last week with Barry holding Iris’ body. Joe and H.R. react to her death on the roof. Iris starts trying to speak and manages to hold up a hand. She has the image modifier. With a click, it’s not Iris who died, it was H.R. On the rood, H.R. turns into Iris. They switched places. H.R. tells Barry that there’s no way he was going to be a coward. He then asks Barry to tell Cisco that he was his strength. As the team recovers from this shocking twist, they realize that Savitar took the Speed Bazooka as he left.

Savitar arrives in the forest where Cisco and Killer Frost were dueling and tells her to keep him alive. They need him to alter the bazooka so that Savitar can become a good. Savitar is suddenly hit by new memories, revealing the switch to him. And he is not happy. Eventually, the paradox of his existence will catch up to him and he will be no more. He demands Cisco start working on the bazooka immediately. If not, he will kill Killer Frost.

Barry and Iris talk about their next move and realize that they can’t keep fighting Savitar with hatred. That’s what got them into this position in the first place. Barry goes to Savitar and tries to make amends, filling him with acceptance and love. Savitar seems to have a change of heart, going with Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs. But that doesn’t pan out and Savitar uses the opportunity to blow it all up.

Back at Savitar’s hideout, Cisco completes the modification of the bazooka. Killer Frost then tries to kill him, but he is saved by Gypsy. Now that Team Flash is back together, they start planning for the final battle.

Savitar and Killer Frost use the new Speed Bazooka/quantum splicer to open up the Speed Force. The device will be used to spread Savitar throughout all of time. Then, he will finally be a god. He kept Killer Frost around because the only thing that can stop Black Flash is the cold. After she shatters Black Flash, the two line up to begin the process. The splicer seems to be working, but then it backfires. Team Flash appears and Cisco says there was no way he was going to just let them get away with it and built in his own modification. Out of the Speed Force comes Jay Garrick and the fight is on.

Barry, Wally, and Jay chase after Savitar while Cisco and Gypsy duke it out with Killer Frost. Cisco defeats Killer Frost, but doesn’t deliver the final blow. He instead throws a vial at her that contains a cure concocted by Julian and Caitlin’s mother. He tells Killer Frost to make the choice. Savitar appears and grabs Cisco. He is about to kill him when he is suddenly blasted by ice. That’s when Barry appears and phases through the Savitar suit, pushing his time remnant out. Barry grabs Savitar and is about to stab him when he stops. He drops Savitar, then starts vibrating so fast that the suit explodes. Barry refuses to kill him. Savitar doesn’t have much time left, but he vows to kill Joe and Iris. He jumps at Barry, but he is shot down by Iris. Savitar dies and then dissolves.

It’s all over.

Team Flash holds a funeral for H.R., placing his drumsticks on the grave of Harrison Wells. Iris thanks him for being her hero. Afterward, the team spots Caitlin standing a ways from them. She is not quite Caitlin, but she isn’t Killer Frost either. Julian asks her to come back and be with him, but she turns him down. She hands the cure back to Julian. She has decided that she needs to take some time to figure out who she really is. And with that, she’s gone.

In the final moments of the episode, earthquakes rack Central City. The Speed Force is fighting back now that the prison has been vacated by both Savitar and Jay. Barry makes the decision to stabilize the Speed Force. He has to be the one. Iris begs him not to go since they were about to finally have their future together. Barry tells her that he will always be with her. The Speed Force opens and Barry’s mother appears. Barry walks forward, grabs her hand, and together, they enter the Speed Force.

This episode was pack with emotion. The acting was on point, with Candice Patton slaying all of her scenes. The opening and closing both left you a sobbing mess on the floor. But what does this mean for season four?

Team Flash has lost three of its key members. Barry is in the Speed Force, but I’m guessing something will happen toward the beginning of the season that will force him to vacate the prison. Caitlin Frost is out trying to find herself. And there is no resident Harrison Wells, unless Harry decides to stick around. Will Team Flash continue on now that Barry is gone? I think that they will. Cisco and Wally will have to become responsible for the safety of Central City, and I think that they can do it. I’m reminded a bit of how season four of Arrow opened up with Diggle, Laurel, and Thea working without Oliver. But they’ll be back (at least, I hope Tom Cavanagh returns. He is too good to lose).

This season has been all about Barry dealing with the ramifications of Flashpoint, and in the end, Barry finally stood up and accepted the consequences of his actions. When Barry traveled into the Speed Force in episode 16, he was told that he needs to stop letting others fight his battles for him. It was a beautiful moment and spoke loads toward Barry’s growth as he accepted the hand of his mother (the Speed Force) and willingly walked into the prison. Since he acted out of selflessness, maybe the Speed Force won’t be so hard on him.

I am intrigued for what season four will bring us, but don’t want to have to wait until October. Time to watch the whole series from the beginning again.

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