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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Escape From Earth-2’

Published on February 17th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Escape From Earth-2’

With Barry taken captive by Zoom, it is up to Harry and Cisco to save him. They join forces with Bartholomew and Iris-2 to track them down. Bartholomew has developed a program that can track metahuman activity, which is really awesome, so they go after Killer Frost because Zoom is too fast to be tracked. Cisco manages to convince her to take them to Zoom’s lair.

Meanwhile, on Earth-1, the Geomancer is still on the loose and wants Jay to show himself. Caitlin has created Velocity-9, but they don’t know what it will do to Jay. The Geomancer forces their hand when he collapses a hospital. Jay takes the Velocity-9, it works, and he saves everyone in the hospital. Miraculously enough, the speed serum has also kickstarted Jay’s healing and is slowly reversing the damage to his cells. If Caitlin can make the effects permanent, Jay’s life will be saved.

Barry, Jesse, and the masked man are all trapped in their individual cages. The masked man is tapping on the glass, but Jesse has never been able to figure determine what he is trying to communicate. Barry figures it out and they start trying to translate his tapping. They are able to make out “Jay” and Barry says Jay is alive and on Earth-1. The masked man reacts strangely to this news, but before we get anything else, Zoom appears and beats the daylights out of Barry.

Killer Frost leads Team Flash to Zoom’s lair. They are able to easily free Jesse, but Barry’s cell is made of a glass that cannot be broken. Barry can’t phase out of it because Earth-2 is vibrating at a different frequency than him and he can’t gain enough speed to get through. After a heartfelt pep talk from Bartholomew, Barry tries again and it works. Barry is about to save the man in the mask when Zoom appears. Killer Frost brought the rest of Team Flash on Zoom’s instructions. Barry and Harry stand up to him, saying to let the others go, but Zoom goes around them and snags Jesse. He is about to kill her when he is frozen by Killer Frost. She gives them time to escape while Barry promises the man in the mask that he will return and save him.

Geomancer attacks S.T.A.R. Labs, but Caitlin manages to put him down. Unfortunately, the seismic activity messed with the Speed Cannon. Jay uses the last of the Velocity-9 in his system to help Joe repair the Speed Cannon, and just in time. Cisco and Jesse come through and Cisco says to prepare to close the breach because Zoom is coming. Barry and Harry appear and they throw the bomb into the breach, but before it goes off, Zoom gets a hold of Jay, by sticking his hand through Jay’s chest, and pulls him back to Earth-2.

The breach is closed, but Zoom has Jay. I bet Team Flash won’t give up on him. Caitlin won’t let them. Barry also promised the man in the mask that he would return, so Team Flash is going to have to find out how to get back to Earth-2. Or, maybe Zoom has some other method to travel between worlds. All I know is that is not the last we’ve seen of him.

Almost as much as I want to know who Zoom is, I want to know who is the man in the mask. Also, his reaction to Jay being alive was not good. Jay already lied about how he lost his powers, but is there something else he is keeping a secret? Perhaps he knows the identity of Zoom?

Speaking of Zoom, I love him. He is such a fantastic villain. The opening sequence in which he is terrorizing Earth-2 was so hauntingly awesome. Zoom is ruthless and proves episode after episode that it is going to take a lot to bring him down.

Next week sees the return of John Diggle to Central City in the episode titled “King Shark.”

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