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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Duet’

Published on March 22nd, 2017 | Updated on March 22nd, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Duet’

Barry is wallowing in his break-up with Iris when he and Cisco get word from H.R. that a breach has opened up. When they arrive, Mon-El and J’onn appear carrying an unconscious Kara. J’onn explains that they were transporting a prisoner, Music Meister, when he put this spell on Kara and came to Central City. Since he’s a breacher, Cisco is able to find Music Meister, who is casually waiting for them in the speed chamber. Barry and Wally go to stop him, but he has super speed too. He easily takes them both down and then uses his powers to trap Barry.

Barry awakes in a club and finds Kara onstage singing a rendition of “Moon River.” After the song, she finds Barry and they talk about how they both came to be here. They are interrupted by the owner of the club, Mr. Moran, aka Malcolm Merlyn. He congratulates Kara on her performance. Music Meister appears and lays out the rules of this world. He put them here to teach them a lesson, and their minds made it into a musical. If they want to get out, all they have to do is follow the script. Reach the end and they get to go free, but if they die here, they die in the real world. Pretty simple.

Barry and Kara leave the club to figure out more about the world when they are attacked by Stein. He is the husband of big boss Joe, who has had a long-running feud with Merlyn. Joe tells Barry and Kara to find his daughter, Millie (Iris). Last they saw, she was going into the club. They track her down and find her kissing Tommy Moran (Mon-El). They declare that they are in love and don’t want to return to their homes as their parents won’t allow them to be together. Barry and Kara talk them into telling the truth. Though Joe, Stein, and Malcolm seem okay with the relationship to their children, they are not happy about it and declare war.

In the real world, Cisco, Wally, and J’onn team up to stop Music Meister, who is actually stealing Barry and Kara’s powers. It’s a pretty cool action sequence. They catch him and throw him in the pipeline. Iris and Mon-El approach Music Meister, and he says that they have the ability to save Barry and Kara.

Back in the musical, Barry and Kara rehearse their new musical number to perform at the club “Super Friends.” After that’s over, a gunfight breaks out between the two families. Barry and Kara end up in the middle of it and get shot. In the real world, their bodies starting seizing as their vitals drop. Iris tells Cisco to vibe her and Mon-El to wherever they are. He does so and the two are able to save them before they die.

Music Meister breaks out of his cell to interrupt everyone’s happy reunion. He says that he isn’t a bad guy, just wanted to help mend Barry and Kara’s broken hearts. He then vanishes without a trace.

Later, Barry and Iris are moving back in together when he serenades her with an original song, “Running Home to You.” Then, he proposes.

This episode was definitely zany. Darren Criss did a great job as Music Meister and I really loved how he played the character. He was eccentric and interesting. Too bad this might be the last we see of him. “Super Friends” was by far the best song of the episode, mostly because of the chemistry between Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist. They are just so good and adorable together.

The next episode of The Flash is entitled ‘Abra Kadabra.’

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