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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3’

The Flash Recap ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3’

Oliver, Barry, Sara, Alex, Stein, and Jax find themselves on Earth-X in an internment camp. They have been given special collars to wear that dampen their abilities. They meet a man in the yard who tells them that he is imprisoned for loving the wrong person. Nazis suddenly make their way into the yard, telling everyone to line up, but our heroes don’t take orders from bad guys. That’s when they come face to face with one the officer in charge, and it’s Quentin Lance. He draws our heroes and the man out of the yard and takes them out to be executed when they are suddenly saved by Leonard Snart. Leonard removes the dampener on the man, the Ray, and he uses his powers to blast all the Nazis away.

'The Flash' Recap 'Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3'
Image: The CW

The Ray and Snart take our heroes to their compound where they are under they are under the command of General Schott, and he runs a tight ship. After learning that the Nazis have a portal that can take them back to Earth-1, they are determined to get there. But General Schott says they can’t do that. They have to destroy the portal so that Arrow-X, Supergirl-X, and Reverse-Flash can’t get back through. Alex tries to talk to him, saying that the Winn she knows would do anything to save Kara, but he doesn’t budge on his stance.

Sara walks in on Alex gathering weapons to take on the Nazi party by herself and tells her that she can’t go. Alex says that she is going to do everything in her power to get back and save her sister. Naturally, she tells Sara that she wouldn’t understand what it’s like. Sara tells Alex about Laurel. She says that the guilt at not being there, at not helping her, took her down a dark road. Alex then says that everything she has done felt like a mistake. She has to get back, save Kara, then go to Maggie. Sara tells her that she has her own Maggie and thinks about going back all the time. But she knows that there is a reason the relationship can’t continue and she has to trust her instinct. Sara then promises to get Alex home and save Kara.

Jax and Stein finally make amends. Jax doesn’t want to lose Stein, who he sees as a father, and Stein admits that Jax is like his son. They are going to miss each other, but still want the best for one another.

The Ray and Snart talk about getting the heroes home, and it turns out that the Ray is actually from Earth-1. He asks Snart for his help in convincing General Schott and Snart says that he’ll do anything for him. They kiss. Lucky for our heroes, General Schott grants them one hour to try and sneak into the facility, which has an anti-power shield. Their plan involves dressing Oliver up as his evil doppelgänger so he can get into the facility and turn off the dampener.

Meanwhile, on Earth-1. Felicity and Iris are loose inside S.T.A.R. Labs and trying to figure out what they can do to stop Reverse-Flash from cutting open Kara. They figure that if they can get the pipeline open, Cisco can work his magic, but they’re running out of time. Felicity and Iris sneak through the ducts to the pipeline and try to unlock it, but the hydraulic system is damaged and they can’t. Instead, Felicity sends out an SOS to the Legends, hoping they can arrive in time. They flee to the time vault.

Kara and Kara-X have a conversation before the surgery begins. Kara-X says that they are gods, and should be treated as such. Humans are always trying to find someone to worship. Kara says that she doesn’t think of herself as better than anyone else. She would never elevate herself to that status and have others serve her. Kara-X laughs, saying that she is weak. She then hits on the fact that Kara is sad, saying that her heart is finally going to put to use in a new body.

'The Flash' Recap 'Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3'
Image: The CW

The surgery is about to begin when Felicity shuts down the power. Oliver-X demands to know who else could be loose and where they would hide. Reverse-Flash knows.  He speeds off to the time vault, but Felicity and Iris are already gone. They drop into the medical bay and free Kara. The three of them try to make it to the surface, but they are stopped by Metallo. Reverse-Flash threatens to kill Felicity in order to get the access code to restore power and Kara tells her to give it up. They want her and she will go quietly as long as Iris and Felicity remain safe. Felicity gives the code and the operation proceeds.

Back on Earth-X, Oliver gets into the facility where he meets up with Quentin. He learns that the doomsday weapon is complete and that it is ready to send through the portal. Oliver plays the part and tells him to proceed. The Nazi’s Waverider-X is sent through the portal. Quentin then asks if there is anything else, Oliver saying no as he moves toward the console to turn off the dampener. But Quentin knows that he isn’t who he says he is. He has guards bring in Felicity of Earth-X for Oliver to shoot. Naturally, he can’t do it, turning the gun instead on Quentin. However, Quentin gave him an unloaded gun. Oliver fights off the Nazis, Quentin fleeing, and wins. He turns off the dampener and is joined by the others.

Snart gets news that General Schott has ordered the destruction of the facility and they have a very limited amount of time before Red Tornado arrives. Barry and the Ray head out to intercept Red Tornado while the others storm the platform of the portal. The fight breaks out and things are looking bleak for our heroes. They have to get the power grid online before they can turn the portal on. Jax and Stein separate to make it happen. Meanwhile, Barry and the Ray are having a hard time subduing Red Tornado.

In the facility, Jax gets the power on, but then is pinned down by gunners. Stein is on the other side of the room, making his way to the controls. He sees that Jax is in trouble, but has to get to the portal switch. He makes a run for it, but is shot down by a soldier.

There was so much packed into this hour and of course it all had to end with Stein getting shot and possibly dying. I knew this would happen even though I wanted them to get him off the show in a less permanent way. Here’s to hoping that they can get him to the Waverider before he dies.

There was a lot of great character moments in this episode, especially from Oliver, Sara, and Alex. It’s been so cool having Alex around Sara because they work so well together, but also because Alex is going through things that Sara has dealt with before. Sara has grown so strong over the years and has this razor-sharp exterior, but she does still feel. Having her stand up to Quentin just about broke your heart.

Stephen Amell has done a truly remarkable job thus far being both good and evil. But that scene where he’s asked to shoot Felicity was tense. I didn’t think he would do it, but man, did he look convincing.

This crossover is certainly topping last years’ ‘Invasion!’

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