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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Attack on Gorilla City’

The Flash Recap ‘Attack on Gorilla City’

Harry has been taken hostage by Grodd, so Team Flash decides to travel to Gorilla City to rescue him. Jesse is intent on helping out, but Barry tells her she needs to stay behind. If any harm came to her, Harry would kill him. Jesse agrees, which makes Wally happy. He is excited to show off his new powers and fight crime alongside Jesse, but she isn’t too thrilled with that idea.

Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian travel to Earth-2 where they are ambushed and captured. They wake up in a jail cell that Barry can’t phase through. Harry appears, controlled by Grodd, to tell them that he needs their help. The leader of Gorilla City, Solovar, plans to take his army to Earth-Prime and destroy it. If Barry helps Grodd overthrow Solovar, he will let them go. Grodd says that despite everything, he still considers Central City his home and doesn’t want to see it fall. Barry agrees to fight Solovar. It’s a tough battle, but Barry manages to win. However, Grodd lied. He just wanted Solovar out of the way so he could take control of the gorilla army. He is going to force Cisco to open a breach so that he can be the one to destroy Central City.

Team Flash has to quickly come up with a plan, throwing out the one where they kill Cisco. Instead, they convince Caitlin to use her powers on Barry, freezing him to the point of death. They call Grodd and Caitlin explains that he just suddenly started breathing heavy and collapsed. Grodd pulls Barry from the cell and throws him into a pile of bones. Once Grodd leaves, Barry quickly shakes off the cold and Team Flash escapes, believing they have won. Not only that, they have changed the future as one of the headlines references the gorilla attack on Central City.

Back in Central, Wally and Jesse are trying to figure out their relationship. Jesse is scared to give everything up and moving Earths, but some advice from H.R. convinces her that it is what she really wants. After the others return from Gorilla City with Harry in tow, she is going to tell her father her decision. H.R. was really funny in this episode as he came face to face with Harry again. Tom Cavanagh is always so good.

Julian also wants to give love a try, but Caitlin is too scared that she is going to hurt him. Granted, the last two people in Caitlin’s life that she loved died. But Julian isn’t afraid of her. He respects her wishes and instead says that they should go out for a steak dinner together. A nice filet always helps him when he’s feeling scared. She agrees. Julian has come a long way and I am really starting to like him. Which means something bad is probably about to happen.

The final scene of the episode is Grodd sitting on the throne of Gorilla City in battle armor. He recalls his advice to Barry about always staying one step ahead. In front of Grodd is Gypsy, under the gorilla’s control. Grodd has found his way to open a breach. The camera pulls out and there’s hundreds of gorilla’s ready for war.

Team Flash really shouldn’t have thought it would be that easy. Grodd is hyper-intelligent and has always managed to find a way. It will be cool next week to have Gypsy back, but not so much that she’s under Grodd’s control.

The next episode of The Flash is entitled ‘Attack on Central City.’

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