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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Attack on Central City’

Published on March 1st, 2017 | Updated on March 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Attack on Central City’

Team Flash is celebrating their victory over Grodd when Gypsy appears and attacks them. They knock her out, locking her in a cell. When she wakes up, she has no memory of coming back to Earth-Prime. Last thing she does remember is trying to location a breacher on Earth-2. Team Flash puts two and two together. Grodd has arrived.

Harry works to improve Cisco’s goggles so they can figure out where Grodd will launch his attack. They find a location, but when they get there, Grodd uses his mind-control on Joe, almost killing him. Barry realizes that this was all just a distraction. When a person is under Grodd’s control, they catch glimpses into his mind. They manage to extract a person from Joe’s memory. Turns out that Grodd has gained control of a general with the highest clearance. He programs a number of missiles to fire at Central City. Barry frantically enters in every 5 digit code he can into the missile launcher to override the system, and barely does it in time.

With the missiles offline, Grodd launches his attack.

Barry dealt with the idea of killing this week. Every time Team Flash thinks that they have gained the upper hand, Grodd outsmarts them. He believes that the only way to stop Grodd is to kill him. Iris is against this, saying that her life isn’t worth Barry losing a part of what makes him such a good hero. Even Harry scolds Barry for thinking that way. He says that once you do something like that once, it becomes easier and easier.

When Barry, Wally, and Jesse face off against Grodd and his army, they have only one plan: Stall. Cisco travels to Earth-2 to track down Gypsy and ask for her help. She doesn’t want to risk her life against Grodd, but Cisco convinces her. They appear during the middle of the battle with Solovar in tow. Barry may not be able to kill Grodd, but Solovar can. The two gorillas fight it out. Solovar is about to deliver the finishing blow when Barry stops him. He asks Solovar to spare Grodd’s life, just like Barry did last week. All Barry wants is for the gorillas to return to Earth-2. They will keep Grodd on Earth-Prime. Solovar agrees and the battle is over. Team Flash sends Grodd off to Argus.

Barry realizes during the episode that he has been so focused on the future that he wasn’t taking the time to just live in the moment. He’s been doing little things for Iris, sure, but most of his time has been devoted to making sure the events he saw don’t play out. Barry tells Iris all of this before proposing to her. It was a really sweet moment, but we don’t get her answer.

In the final scene, Wally and Jesse (who got permission from her father to stay behind) are watching a movie together when she requests a Big Belly burger. Wally speeds off to get it. When he stops running, a breach opens and Savitar appears.

The big question of course is how did Savitar get back? He was lost to the Speed Force a while back. Who could have retrieved and released him? Or is Savitar part of the Speed Force so that is why he was released? Don’t know yet, but hopefully next week we’ll get some answers.

The next episode of The Flash is entitled ‘The Wrath of Savitar.’

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