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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Welcome to Earth-2’

Published on February 6th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Preview ‘Welcome to Earth-2’

I am so excited. I cannot wait until Tuesday.


Barry, Cisco, and Harry travel through the breach to Earth-2. Naturally, the first thing Barry and Cisco do is take a selfie (I love them). Jay instructs them that they should not let what they see on Earth-2 get to them, and Barry tells him and Caitlin that if they are not back in 48 hours, the breach needs to be closed. Things seem to quickly fall apart because of Killer Frost.

I am stoked for Danielle Panabaker’s performance as the cold-hearted villain, especially since Caitlin is one of the most kindhearted people on the planet (well, at least one Earth- 1). Having Panabaker play the polar opposite is going to be fun and really highlight her fantastic acting. I am also excited for the return of Ronnie Raymond, this time as the villain Deathstorm. Barry and Cisco are going to have a hard time facing off against the alternate versions of their friends, and I think that it might result in the death of Barry-2. Killer Frost realizes that there are two of the same person and her “which is from the wrong universe” haunts the promo as we see Cisco and the Barrys trying to survive against the duo.

Also to make their Earth-2 appearance is Iris and Joe. We are in for a real treat because images have surfaced of Joe on a stage with a microphone. Jesse L. Martin has a fantastic voice and originated the role of “Tom Collins” in the Broadway musical Rent, and reprised that role for the movie. I am glad that the writer’s were able to work Martin’s musical ability into the
show, and I think that when Barry gets back to Earth-1, he is going to give Joe a hard time for being a singer in the other world.

This episode will most likely end on a cliffhanger as the next episode is called “Escape From Earth-2.” So buckle up because I think we are in for a crazy journey.

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