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‘The Flash’ Mid-Season Finale Recap ‘Don’t Run’

Published on December 6th, 2017 | Updated on December 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Mid-Season Finale Recap ‘Don’t Run’

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It’s Christmas and the holiday is in full swing at S.T.A.R. Labs. Caitlin, Cisco, Harry, and Ralph are decorating the place when conversation about Killer Frost breaks out. Ralph makes a comment about Killer Frost being better than Caitlin. She rightfully gets upset and leaves. Harry comes to her at CC Jitters where Caitlin is enjoying the new Killer Frost Mocha. She tells Harry that it seems like everyone thinks Killer Frost is the better half. They’re attacked by Amunet, who slaps a power-suppressing bracelet on Caitlin before Killer Frost can come out. She takes her away.

Meanwhile, Barry and Iris are unwrapping all of their wedding gifts and open a box containing a single knife. They think it’s weird, but move on to cleaning up all the wrapping paper. Iris asks Barry why he has stopped using his powers in order to do mundane tasks quickly. He says that ever since he got his powers, he was trying to run from something, but now he has no reason to. The couple go out later and they are attacked by DeVoe in his chair. He uses his tendrils to electrocute Barry and kidnaps him. Barry wakes in DeVoe’s basement where he is trapped inside a cage that he can’t phase out of. DeVoe confronts Bary, who asks why he is doing all of this. DeVoe says that now is not the time to talk about the end result. They are interrupted by Joe’s arrival. DeVoe goes upstairs to talk to Joe and Barry is worried that he is going to do something to him (as we all were). Luckily, DeVoe is his normal self and doesn’t hurt Joe, or Harry who came along as protection.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team is doing everything they can to track both Barry and Caitlin, but having their resources split is hurting them. Harry tells Iris that she needs to make a choice as leader. They can either go after Barry or Caitlin, not both. Naturally, she doesn’t want to have to make the choice. In the end, Iris determines that they need to focus on Caitlin. She was in a vulnerable state when she was taken and Barry can handle himself against DeVoe.

Image: The CW

Caitlin is taken to an abandoned hospital where Amunet asks her to perform surgery on her latest metahuman captive. She accidentally sent a piece of metal through his neck and needs it removed. Caitlin says that the operation is incredibly risky and even with the right equipment, it would be hard to do. Amunet says that she has faith in Caitlin. She could’ve grabbed any doctor she wanted, but went after her. Amunet then says that if the meta dies, so does Caitlin. She leaves Caitlin alone with him. He wakes up and Caitlin learns that his name is Dominic and he was on the bus when Barry came out of the Speed Force. This granted him the power of telekinesis. They both know that getting away from Amunet is going to be tricky, but Caitlin comes up with a plan to use his powers against her. Caitlin performs the surgery, removing the shard, but then Dominic starts coding. Amunet and her men try to act against them, but they have been laced with anesthetic. With them down, Caitlin and Dominic (who was faking it) make their escape. They get out of the building, but not quick enough as they are intercepted by Amunet. But that’s when Ralph and Cisco come to their rescue.

Meanwhile, Barry figures out how to get through the cage and that’s by remaining still. It was set to block him phasing through and moving fast, so he moved slow. He and DeVoe fight, taking their battle over Central City. Barry does some quick thinking and tricks DeVoe into electrocuting the back of his chair. Out of control, they both plummet into the water. Luckily for Barry, Cisco didn’t take the flotation device out of the suit. He is okay, but DeVoe sinks out of sight.

Everything seems to be okay now that Barry and Caitlin are back. Iris apologizes to Barry for choosing Caitlin over him and he says that he is proud of her. Being a leader is tough and she made the right call. They all reconvene at Joe’s house where Ralph went out of his way to decorate. He apologizes to all of them, especially to Caitlin. He thinks that nobody is better than her, not even Killer Frost. The doorbell rings and it’s Dominic. He thanks them for the invite. Barry’s phone rings with an alert that the security alarm was triggered at the loft. He runs off.

Upon arriving and turning off the alarm, he gets a phone call from Dominic. But it isn’t Dominic anymore. We learn the first part of DeVoe’s plan and that was to get himself a new body. Amunet was hired to bring Dominic in. After he escaped with Caitlin, Amunet found him once more and handed him over to the DeVoes. DeVoe says that he has struck out on finding a new host, but the sixth time is the charm, especially since Dominic’s powers are so unique. The tendrils come out of the chair, attaching themselves to Dominic. DeVoe’s consciousness is then transferred into Dominic’s body. Back on the phone, Barry tells Dominic that he’d better not hurt his family. Dominic says that he wouldn’t do that because then no one would miss Barry while he’s gone. He hangs up.

Barry walks to the kitchen table and finds the knife he received as a gift, but there are two slots in the box. He looks down and finds a bloody trail to the body of DeVoe. The other knife lies on the floor next to him, blood covering the blade. There’s knocks on the door as the police arrive. Barry speeds up as the door is knocked down. He is trying to figure out how to resolve the situation, but there’s nothing he can do. Barry doesn’t run. He allows the police into the loft. Singh arrests Barry for the murder of Clifford DeVoe.

That was definitely an interesting twist at the end. Was not expecting DeVoe to find himself a new host as well as killing his old body to frame Barry. It will be cool to see Thinker working without the chair now, and possibly having Dominic’s power of telekinesis. He probably doesn’t really need it because he can fathom every move that the team makes, but it adds something new to his abilities. The mid-season finale succeeded in setting up how the second half is going to go and proving that DeVoe is probably Barry’s biggest foe. But again, the question is why. We didn’t get any answers as to why he is after Barry, but we did learn that he used the bus full of people to find a new host (I’m assuming). But what does that mean for the other three that are locked in Iron Heights? Still so many questions but I think the direction of Barry winding up in jail is going to be an interesting plot for the second half of the season.

The Flash takes a break for the holidays and returns Tuesday, January 16.

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