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The Flash: Jordan Fisher Discusses Bart Allen!

We learned some time ago that Bart Allen would be joining the Arrowverse! Fans have been excited to see him ever since and it’s finally happening on tonight’s The Flash! Jordan Fisher will be portraying him and will be joined by XS, Nora Allen who was seemingly wiped from existence back in season 5. Now, Jordan Fisher discusses Bart Allen ahead of the episode tonight!

We saw him last week, believe it or not, but this week will mark his first major appearance. It’s a special episode, too, celebrating 150 episodes of The Flash! Fans aren’t sure what to expect, other than tons of reunions!

Jordan Fisher actually spoke recently with, where he discussed tonight’s episode and his role as Bart Allen/Impulse.

“Well, I think the one thing that anyone can take away from this interview and literally just from watching tomorrow night’s episode, is how Bart feels in extremes. Emotions are extreme for Bart. When he is happy, he is beyond thrilled. When he is mad, he is unabashedly angry, you can’t turn him around. When he’s excited, when he’s scared, when he’s any of these things, he feels feelings in a really, really intense way.

So that being said, if things are getting out of hand and things are getting hectic and things are getting stressed or stressful, if you will, if there’s incentive for Bart to feel a certain way, if it’s protective for his family or anybody that he loves or someone’s in … I mean, he’s the guy that’s going to be in there, first. Bart is, his name is Impulse, that is … lives life based on his gut. Whatever feels the best to Bart, that’s what he’s doing and you cannot change that, you will not be able to turn that around. There might be one or two people that can talk some sense into him, and we’ll get to see a little bit of that as well because you have to have that. Otherwise, Bart would probably just be dead.”

So it sounds like Impulse is going to be, well, impulsive. It goes with the name at least. He might be the most emotional one of the group when he arrives based on the little we know about him. Maybe if we’re lucky both he and Nora will stick around for the next season.

Fisher also discussed how his version of Bart isn’t necessarily worried about getting things done the fastest, but the coolest.

“If you know anything about speedsters, you know we do everything fast. I say we as if I’m one in real life, but speedsters think faster than everybody else, right? So if there is an opportunity for Bart to enter into a fight, every other speedster would calculate in a matter of two seconds, 20,000 different ways that they could do that, that’s more calculative and that’s more helpful, that’s more impactful in the best way for the team. Bart’s going to think of four different options in the matter of half a millisecond, and he’s going to pick the coolest one, and that’s what he’s going to do. That’s Bart. That’s Impulse.”

Make sure you catch Jordan Fisher on tonight’s episode of The Flash!

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