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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Enter Zoom’

Published on November 10th, 2015 | Updated on May 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Enter Zoom’

This episode was everything I wanted and more.

Team Flash concocts a scheme to fake the Flash’s death and lure Zoom through the breach. They train Linda-1 to be Dr. Light, because the real Dr. Light escaped by bending the light and becoming invisible (her powers are really awesome). After a funny
training sequence, Linda and Flash stage his downfall. Harry and Joe wait in the wings to shoot Zoom with a speed-stopping tranquilizer as soon as he comes through the breach. Zoom is a no show.

That is, until later when he shows up at Linda and Iris’ work and kidnaps Linda. He lures Barry to the roof of S.T.A.R. Labs and drops her. Barry saves Linda and then the most epic battle of the series took place.

Barry tries to do the bolt of lightning trick that Jay taught him, but Zoom freaking plucks it out of midair and throws it back at him. Zoom beats Barry to a pulp and breaks Barry’s back (I think it was his back, there was a really gross crunch). Harry comes out to shoot Zoom with the tranq, but Zoom catches it. Our evil speedster then runs around Central City with a dying Barry in tow, announcing to the paper and police that the Flash is no hero.

Zoom takes Barry into S.T.A.R. Labs, stabs him with his “claws”, and is about to kill him when Cisco comes out of nowhere and shows Zoom with the tranq. Zoom goes down, but only for a second, before running off. They get Barry stable, luckily he still has some of his healing, but, he can’t feel his legs. And that’s the end of the episode (evil writers).

There were a couple of Easter eggs, including a news report from Earth-2 saying that Robert Queen had been revealed as the Hood (Oliver was the one that died in the boating accident), and Harry’s daughter being Jesse Quick. First, I hope Robert-Hood makes an appearance, that would be awesome. Second, Jesse Quick is a speedster in the comics and her real name is Jesse Chambers. In the show, her full name is Jesse Chambers Wells. We might see her becoming a speedster in the future. She is currently being held hostage by Zoom, which Harry now knows for sure now because Cisco vibed him and saw Jesse in Zoom’s cage.

Before the fake Dr. Light/Flash showdown, Barry went to Linda as the Flash and revealed his identity, and her reaction was priceless. Linda later confesses to Iris that she wishes she had kept the Dr. Light gloves Cisco made to replicate the original’s powers, so I think Linda enjoyed being a part of Team Flash (even though she almost died). I like the idea of Linda joining the ranks and hope that she becomes more involved as a hero version of Dr. Light. That might be a little hard though since she is wanted for murder (oops).

Patty is getting a little annoyed with Joe because he isn’t being completely honest with her. I think that Patty has put some of the pieces together and will soon come to the conclusion that Joe is working with the Flash. I also think she might suspect that Barry is somehow involved. When Patty and Barry went on their date (petition to have their couple name be Batty), she figured out that he was blind and said that she is smart and good at putting things together. I think that she’ll figure out that Barry is the Flash.

My biggest question is why didn’t Zoom unmask Barry? He was going to kill him, but when he was running about to the paper and police, why not just unmask him and reveal who the failure is behind the mask? Is there some reason why Barry’s identity needs to remain hidden? I don’t know the answer, or if it meant anything, but I thought it was an interesting choice. Perhaps if Zoom is Barry-2, he would need the identity to remain intact so he could travel about on Earth-1 incognito. But I don’t know.

I’m still reeling from everything that happened in the last twenty minutes of the episode. So awesome. It is on par with season one’s finale and the episode “Out of Time.” Next week’s episode is entitled “Gorilla Warfare.” That’s right, the return of Grodd. But is it Grodd 1 or 2?

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