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‘The Flash’ Batman Finally Gets a Blue Suit in New Trailer

Published on February 13th, 2023 | Updated on February 13th, 2023 | By FanFest

It’s ironic that the most talked about feature of The Flash’s highly anticipated solo movie is Batman. After all, since 1989 we have been inundated with big-screen versions of the Dark Knight, so it’s disheartening that Barry Allen will only get a bat-focused moment in his time to shine.

With the iconic Michael Keaton’s Batman back in his signature cape and cowl, kicking more baddies than one would expect from a 71-year-old superhero, who could complain? And that’s not all – Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is also joining us for some blockbuster fun! Get ready to be immersed in an action-packed Dark Knight-style motorcycle chase on a highway. We can’t wait!

As if that wasn’t enough to get Batman fans excited, this trailer presents another historic element: for the first time since 1966, we will be seeing a blue and gray Bat-costume on screen! Not only that but there’s two of them – one featured in Keaton’s collection, while Affleck dons another. Fans have responded positively with resounding enthusiasm at this exciting reveal.

Ben Affleck presents his version:

Fans of the Batman franchise are raving about the variety in these shots, particularly praising the iconic outfit from Batman Returns.

Jim Lee must be proud:

This is a refreshing alternative to the matte black that has become so common on our screens.

Speculation continues that Affleck and Keaton will be accompanied by a third Batman in The Flash, with Christian Bale being the prime contender. Unfortunately, George Clooney has seemingly declined to reprise his role after the misfire of Batman & Robin while Val Kilmer’s health struggle is making it unlikely he could proceed due to its impact on his voice.

Bale has indicated that he would only return to the iconic Gotham City if Christopher Nolan was also attached, yet one never knows for sure. We are all excitedly waiting in anticipation to determine whether his words hold and whether this dream will come to a realization.

To avoid any additional Ezra Miller drama, it would have been wise to completely remove him from the movie and simply call it Into the Bat-Verse.

The Flash hits theaters on Jun. 15.

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