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The Final ‘Detroit’ Trailer: ‘There’s a reason you’ve never heard the Truth’

If we can’t look back at our history and learn from both the mistakes and the terrible actions of those who came before us, we won’t ever learn. However, if we don’t know the moments that shaped our nation then we’re bound to fall victim to them again in the future, even if it is unknowingly.

That being said, when the first trailer for Detroit was released, it was obvious that there was a story to tell and a very important one at that. In 1967 a police raid in Detroit started a racially charged riot which led to the death of three men and the brutal beating of nine others, including two women.

Upon seeing the first trailer the chatter online was, in large, that people weren’t aware of the riot in Detroit, at least not in the capacity in which it’s shown in the film. After the next trailers were released, it was obvious that the point of the film was to bring the story to the light for the first time.

The first two trailers were intense, but the final trailer released just days before the film hit theaters is truly terrifying and brutal.

You don’t talk about this to anyone ever. Understand?

The film hits theaters on August 3rd and we think it’s a must watch for everyone.