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The Dark Knight: Christian Bale Says He’d Return as Batman

Published on September 29th, 2022 | Updated on September 29th, 2022 | By FanFest

It seems that Christian Bale is still getting asked about his time as Batman, even though he has clearly moved on. In a recent interview, the actor made it clear that he is done with the character and the DC Universe as a whole. Given how complicated and convoluted the DC Multiverse has become, it’s understandable why Bale would want to distance himself from it all.

Christian Bale told Inverse that he and Chris Nolan had always said they would only do three movies if they were lucky enough, and they stuck to their word. He went on to say that if Chris came to him with a new story, he would be interested, but otherwise he doesn’t think so.

The Dark Knight: Christian Bale Says He'd Return as Batman

Even though it appears like Christian Bale will never be completely through with the issue of whether or not he’ll ever do another Batman performance, there is a real basis for asking right now.

DC movie fans have been hearing rumors for the past year about Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton returning to play Batman in new DC Films ventures, including The Flash, Batgirl, Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom.

Many fans were thrilled when they found out that The Flash would be exploring the DC Multiverse, as this meant there was a possibility of seeing Bale’s Batman make an appearance.

Despite the fact that his previous condition has not been sustained, Bale has remained unshakable in his resolve to don the cowl once more.

For example, when talked to Christian Bale before the release of Thor: Love & Thunder, he gave a very similar answer about a Batman return to us.

“For me, that would be a matter of Chris Nolan, if he ever decided to do it again and if he chose to come my way again, then yeah, I would consider it because that was always our pact between each other is we would just stick to it. We said we would only ever make three. And then I said to myself, and I’d only ever make it with Chris.”

Essentially, Christian Bale’s response is evasive, and anyone who knows the story of The Dark Knight Trilogy understand that Nolan himself is an even bigger holdout. The likelihood of it happening remains unlikely, with little chance of that changing anytime soon.

Batman will next appear in both The Flash and Aquaman movies set to release next year.

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