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‘The Craft’ Reboot Still Has Green Light

Published on May 19th, 2017 | Updated on May 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

Wow, it is hard to believe that it has been 21 years since The Craft was released. It also has been awhle since any news or information has been released regarding a reboot.

Originally, Leigh Janiak was announced in 2015 to direct and c0-write the film but it is now getting a re-write from 10 Cloverfield Lane writer Daniel Casey and being produced by Sony Pictures.

Also a good omen, no pun intended, would be that the film is to be produced by the same group that produced the first film.  So all they need it to get the right cast together and I think this reboot will be just as good as the first.

The original film starred Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, Breckin Meyer and Skeet Ulrich. The film was directed by Andrew Fleming.

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The Craft synopsis:

A newcomer to a Catholic prep high school falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft and they all soon conjure up various spells and curses against those who even slightly anger them.


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