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‘The Brady Bunch’ Brothers Reunite for First Performance in 45 Years on ‘Masked Singer’

Published on October 7th, 2022 | Updated on October 7th, 2022 | By FanFest

The Brady Bunch” stars Christopher Knight, Barry Williams and Mike Lookinland had a blast while performing on “The Masked Singer” stage.

On Wednesday’s episode of FOX’s The Masked Singer, the brothers were eliminated after being unmasked as The Mummies. The trio later spoke with Fox News Digital about what it felt like to perform together again for the first time in more than four decades. Peter revealed that “Brady Bunch Variety Hour 26” was the last time they had performed together.

For the three of them, it was all about having a good time, with Williams remarking that he had “about as much fun as you could possibly have.” Meanwhile, Knight isn’t fond of performing but said he had a wonderful time because Williams and Lookinland were able to “provide the stability in [that] environment,” allowing him to enjoy himself.

“That was actually my goal. You know, there was a lot of prep … and all of that, but when it came down to it, I wanted to go and have as much fun as I could possibly have and did,” Williams admitted. “The audience was terrific. The music track that we had to sing to was fabulous.”

On Wednesday night, Oct. 5, Barry Williams (left), Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland were eliminated from “The Masked Singer”

In an interview, Brady Bunch star Barry Williams talks about Lifetime’s ‘Blending Christmas,’ and why he decided to leave Hollywood for Missouri.

Lookinland said that the show was a fun time and explained that the team made participants feel comfortable so they could do their best. He also pointed out some challenges, like not being able to see well in the costume or having to still do choreography.

“The team of people there, it was presented to us very clearly that they have no interest in making us look bad,” Lookinland said. “This is all about having a good time in presenting our people in the best possible light, and they did that so well, and it was so much fun and so comfortable.”

Although the threesome reunited for a performance, this wasn’t their first time appearing on-screen together. In fact, most recently, they were seen at the Emmy Awards and HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation.”

The 2018 Emmy Awards’ central topic was reunions, therefore it was only natural for the legendary cast to come together to present an award during the show. They were ecstatic to be among such well-known individuals as Steve Martin and Laura Linney.

“We were being recognized for the theme song of ‘The Brady Bunch,’ so it’s in a little bit of a tribute to it. ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Law & Order,’ and ‘Stranger Things’ are all excellent businesses, so the area is lots of fun to walk through. It was great walking down the red carpet before hitting up the after-party.”

“The Brady Bunch” cast reunited at the 2022 Emmy Awards, which featured several other popular show reunions as well.

When asked about a possible reboot of “The Brady Bunch,” the cast gave mixed responses. Some seemed hopeful that it would happen, while others were doubtful. Knight compared them to Halley’s Comet, saying they come together every so often but don’t stay for long.

“In our case, it wouldn’t be a reboot, it would be a reboot boot, boot, boot, I think five times removed. We were doing reboots before the word was invented,” Knight said. “If it’s time, we will know about it at some point, and some point thereafter, our audience will know about it. How is that?”

“I know very well that we have a built-in audience of tens of millions of people, you know, mostly in America, but seriously, globally,” Lookinland stressed. “I just would say stay tuned. Stay tuned.”

“The Brady Bunch” may have ended decades ago, but for fans who can’t get enough of the iconic sitcom, Williams and Knight host “The Real Brady Bros” podcast. The pair interviews people who made an appearance on the show, giving listeners a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite program.

Williams stated that it’s similar to sitting down and having dinner with Chris and him, where they go through the episodes, taking notes as they Exchange ideas. It’s interesting because they remember things differently. They went “This experience that we went through as a group is a very small club. We were all coming of age, and we came of age in front of all of America, and that presents its own unique kinds of pressures and challenges.”, which is very small considering how America saw them grow up; Williams added that there are many pressures and challenges that come from such an experience.

On their podcast, “The Real Brady Bros,” Knight and Williams discuss their experiences behind the scenes of the show.

“Our memories are continuous because we’ve remained friends for 50 years from back in the day. Our memories are of going to school together, hanging out on the set together, not as much through the eyes of our audience watching our show,”

Williams and Knight said they enjoy recording the podcast because they learn behind-the-scenes secrets or information about their guests that they didn’t know while filming the show.

“People would come in, people would leave, we wouldn’t know their credits. We didn’t have an internet to look up what they came from. Now we look at [it], and you know who those guests were, and we talk about them,” said Williams. “We didn’t know Jackie Coogan, for instance … so we talk about his history. … We talk about his career post our meeting him on the ‘The Brady Bunch.’ It’s been a fun aspect of the podcast as well.”

The “The Masked Singer” airs on FOX on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.


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