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The Boys Season Four: Showrunner Teases Major Change

Published on August 31st, 2022 | Updated on August 31st, 2022 | By FanFest

With filming currently underway for season four of The Boys, we can only anticipate what’s to come. Though series creator Eric Kripke hasn’t given away too much, he has left us with a new tease of the upcoming season.

Kripke shared a photo from the set with a note: “Who’s missing from the ceiling mural?” The board room in Vought Tower, which is where The Seven takes place, is depicted in Kripke’s picture. If you’re a dedicated Eagle eye’d fan, you’ll notice that Annie January/Starlight is missing from the picture. She quit Vought in the show’s third season and joined up with The Boys in the season three finale. Although Black Noir and Translucent are both technically dead, it’s worth noting that they’re still present.

Erin Moriarty, who portrays Starlight in the show, took to social media to drop a tease about season four before production even began. “eyeing them season 4 plotlines like,” she wrote, followed by a series of shifty eyes emoji. She concluded her post with a foreboding message: “don’t say I didn’t warn u.” Usually, when each new season begins filming, the cast has already discussed and been clued in on their character’s arcs for the upcoming episodes. This was something that Moriarty confirmed happens before every new season starts shooting.

“I think the cool and important thing is that, before each season, we always sit down with Kripke and he tells us what our general trajectory is,” the actress told Collider ahead of season three. He also lets us know what we should know that will be beneficial to our character’s development throughout the season, starting with what might happen later on, so that we may incorporate foreshadows into our performance at the start of the season. We do get a few of the scripts ahead of time, and because it has such a big cast, one of my favorite aspects about doing this show is that I like everyone’s work so much but there are so many parts of the story where I’m not in. I thoroughly enjoyed reading other peoples’ storylines and the scenes that I was not a part of; it was great seeing them play out on screen. That’s really fun.”

The fourth season of The Boys is already gaining popularity due to the recent casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Even though it’s still unclear who The Walking Dead actor will play in the series, his involvement has been long-anticipated by fans. We previously speculated that one of the potential roles Morgan could take on is Annie January’s father–a character who has never been seen before.

Production for season four of The Boys is still ongoing while they film the spinoff series Gen V. It’s unclear when either show will be released, but a summer premiere for The Boys season four seems probable. The college-focused spinoff might come out earlier. However, all three seasons of The Boys  are now available on Amazon Prime video.

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