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The Boys: Man Dressed as Homelander for Halloween Save Person from Burning Home

Published on November 7th, 2020 | Updated on November 7th, 2020 | By FanFest

Credit: Chris Taylor

An Ohio man who was dressed as Homelander from The Boys turned into a real-life hero by rescuing a man from his burning home on Halloween. The hit Amazon Prime show, which has been top of ratings for the streaming service since season 2 was launched earlier this year.

The character, Homelander, is considered a hero in the universe of The Boys as leader of The Seven and a “good guy” by those who love him.  However, his real persona finds the character to be a complete, arrogant, asshole. Yet still, one fan chose to dress up as Homelander on Halloween despite that and became a real-life hero in the process, giving Homelander a good name – at least for one night.

WTHR reports that Greenville, Ohio, native Chris Taylor ran into a building to rescue a man while in costume as Homelander. Taylor and his family saw flames shooting out of a home when he realized that someone was trapped inside. Taking action, Taylor ran into the home to save the individual. Taylor and the unnamed man he saved emerged unharmed. Here’s Taylor’s description of the event:

There’s a show on Amazon Prime called ‘The Boys.’ I love it. We took the alley. First time ever. And we pull up to the alley and I look back there’s flames coming out of the house and the whole upstairs was consumed, flames were just pouring out it was pretty gnarly. I yelled as loud as a I can is anybody in here real loud and I heard, if someone was to get hit in the sternum how you kind of sound like you’re losing your wind I heard a sound like that; kind of a moaning, wispy sound. There were flames around and just inches from me; my costume was getting hot I felt like I was melting; I couldn’t breathe the smoke was real, real heavy. I feel like I should keep the costume just so I can always remember like this is who you are. You’re somebody who’s going to help people if they need it.


The Boys has not shied away from blood, guts, and danger, so it makes entire sense that such a super fan wouldn’t shy away from a moment to save someone’s life.

What do you think about Taylor’s heroics? We think it’s pretty amazing! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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One thought on “The Boys: Man Dressed as Homelander for Halloween Save Person from Burning Home

  1. I think it was a very dangerous situation where I could have lost my life, but non of that ever crossed my mind in the heat of the moment. All I could think is this is someone’s kids, parents, or grandparents and I kept a family from having to morn a loved ones loss by not hesitating and acting.


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