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‘The Boys’ Homelander is the Absolute Worst

Published on August 9th, 2019 | Updated on August 9th, 2019 | By FanFest

Amazon’s new show The Boys dropped a few weeks ago and it’s taken the internet by storm.

The Boys follows an elite group of ‘Supes’ (superpowered humans, born special), it’s the perfect antidote to superhero fatigue, showing us the darker side to the question ‘what if superheroes lived among us?’ Turns out, just like with regular mortals, power corrupts.

There’s a few downright terrible supes to choose from – Translucent who uses his power of invisibility to watch people in the bathroom, A Train who is so drugged up on superhero steroids he doesn’t care if he literally runs through people, and best not to get in to a discussion about The Deep who is both sexual harasser and dolphin murderer. Today I’m here to talk to you about the leader of this pack, the main man himself Homelander.

I cannot explain this enough to you. I HATE Homelander. He is, to be completely clear, the worst. His sheer presence on screen makes me uncomfortable. And here’s all the reasons you should agree with me.

He’s a murderer

Source: Amazon Studios

Yes, I know Hughie and Billy are also murderers. But they’re just out here, trying to protect themselves and get justice for their ladies. Homelander’s a murderer because he enjoys it. He’s sees humans the same way vindictive small children see ants. To him, we’re nothing but the bugs on his shoe.

Stalk much?

Source: Amazon Studios

How much of his day do you think he spends staring through the wall outside Madelyn’s office? She’s no good guy either, and she definitely encourages his creepy AF behaviour, but dude should seriously take a hint and realise she’s just not that in to him.

Flight 37

Source: Amazon Studios

This is the episode that fuelled my fury for this over-entitled lab rat. Not only did he cause the flight to crash, he almost looked like he enjoyed it. No remorse, no care, no shits given. Queen Maeve may have left with him, but at least she tried to feel bad, and it wasn’t her carelessness that got them in to the mess in the first place.

He made the supe-terroists

Source: Amazon Studios

Every good narcissist superhero needs an ultimate foe, and Homelander went out of his way to create super-villains for he and Madelyn to fight again and again, sequel after sequel. What a hero…


With the explosive season finale, where Homelander and his new protege go next is anyone’s guess, but it’s pretty clear Billy Butcher isn’t going to let him go quietly.

You can watch Season One of The Boys on Amazon Prime now. Read our full review of the show here.

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One thought on “‘The Boys’ Homelander is the Absolute Worst

  1. He is the best, I would say. The actor portrayed perfectly a character that we can’t do nothing but feel enormous hatred. I find his sense of humor kind of neat, though.


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