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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Soldier Excursion Diversion’

Published on March 31st, 2016 | Updated on June 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

I think it’s time Sheldon gets a new laptop… And so does Amy.

Sheldon’s beloved laptop dies and he has a small service for it. Amy then surprises him with a new laptop! At first Sheldon is reluctant to
welcome the gift, but boy does it start up fast.

Amy offers to take the old laptop to get recycled but Sheldon has another idea… a mysterious road trip.

Meanwhile Penny and Bernadette go visit their hubbies and help them out with their project. The boys run to the hardware store leaving the girls alone in the lab.

Along the way the boys see a test screening for Suicide Squad. They tell the wives that they got a flat and will be a while. Howard texts Raj to rub it in his face.

Raj comes to the lab to hang out, since he had no one to play with and the girls let him stay. Raj then gets Howard’s text.

Pissed off, Raj immediately rats out Leonard and Howard and really wants to get back at them.

“Would you ladies please leave the room for a moment… I need to rub my genitals on their prototype.” – Raj

They make a plan for when the boys get back.

Sheldon takes Amy to a storage unit. His fortress of shame. It if full of everything he has every owned. Sheldon is a special kind of hoarder. Amy is supportive, but she needs a minute to take it all in.

Sheldon shows her around and very descriptively describes why he doesn’t throw anything away.

Amy tries to make him feel better by sharing something she has saved: a piece of brain tissue from her first dissection.

“What good is having a girl friend if you can’t unload your psychological sewage on her.”- Sheldon.

Amy offers to help him if he ever wants to do something about the storage unit. He immediately grabs the golf ball his brother threw at his head once when they were little and throws it away. Excellent start! I mean he has the dent to remember it. But when he closes the unit, he sneakily rolls the ball back under the door.

The hubbies come back with flowers and apologize for going to the movie. Very anticlimactic.

Sheldon and Amy, with a couple hours before his bedtime decide to…Skype. They Skype. He sent her home so they can Skype…

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