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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Separation Triangulation”

Beth Behrs is guest starring tonight and her character, Nell, went to Raj’s show at the planetarium.

Howard proudly shows off pictures of Halley and to not be outdone, Raj shows the guys a  picture of himself, with a woman. That’s right, a woman!

'The Big Bang Theory' Recap "The Separation Triangulation"

The woman he is seeing reveals that she is separated, but technically, still married. The ex husband is a firefighter who isn’t happy about the breakup. He starts to freak out a little bit and confides in Howard and Bernadette. They have varying opinions on the topic.

Leonard is helping Penny memorize medications for work when Sheldon pops over to try to see if they’ll let him use his old room to research. The instantly say NO!

Sheldon whips up a rental agreement to try to get them on his side. Leonard is still uncomfortable with the decision.

'The Big Bang Theory' Recap "The Separation Triangulation"

Sheldon is driving Leonard insane because he’s being a gem. Amy thinks he’s being sweet. Leonard then tries to evict him but is foiled by the contract… Sheldon’s back!

Raj is running lines for his show when Nell’s husband, Oliver (Walton Goggins) stops by to express his feelings on Raj and Nell’s relationship. He scares the crap out of Raj, well, he did until he started to cry. Raj feels bad and tries to console him. They bonded over pie and now Raj feels guilty for sleeping with Nell.

It turns out that Raj was creepier than Oliver, so he and Nell are getting back together.

This episode was a little disappointing. I expected Behrs and Goggins to be more of the main focus of the episode. It seems like they were barely in the episode. Also, why is Sheldon now taking people’s feelings into account? Hopefully, next week doesn’t feel so disconnected.


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