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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Long Distance Dissonance’

Published on May 12th, 2017 | Updated on May 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

Last episode we learned that Amy was off to Princeton and that Sheldon is actually being supportive about it.

She is settling in nicely and Sheldon misses her. The Skype and it turns… naughty. The only two people I know to dirty talk with grammar.

Dr. Ramona Nowitzki is back and the boys are worried. She’s being very flirty with Sheldon. She touched his arm and he didn’t even Purell!

Sheldon and Amy Skype and he tells her about Ramona. Amy gets a little jealous and Skypes Penny and Bernadette. She’s upset.

Howard, Raj and Leonard discuss ways to get rid of Ramona and Stuart offers to take one for the team. The guys decide that Raj might be a better fit.

She shoots him down in seconds to have lunch with Sheldon and take him swimming.

It’s just a big bathtub

Their plans of keeping Ramona and Sheldon away from each other is kind of failing.

While looking at letters, alone, Amy Skype’s Sheldon and he introduces her to Ramona. Leonard attempts to warn Amy but is a bit late on that. Sheldon thinks it’s inappropriate for Leonard to call Amy.

Penny talks to Sheldon to explain what is going on. As usual, Sheldon doesn’t get it. He thinks that Penny and Leonard should seek marriage counselling.

Ramona kisses Sheldon and he freaks out. He catches a taxi to LAX and flies to see Amy. In cabin entertainment is Spongebob.

When Amy opens the door to let him in, Sheldon is down on one knee!


This is the best season finale ever! See you guys soon for season 11.

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