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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Locomotion Reverberation’

Published on February 9th, 2017 | Updated on February 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are still working on their project, when Sheldon voices that they could make it smaller, meaning more work… Leonard tells him that the size is fine, they didn’t agree to a smaller size.

It turns out Sheldon has been getting on their nerves so much that it’s a relief when he takes a bathroom break.

Leonard has an idea to keep Sheldon from bugging them: A ticket to run a train engine! This makes Sheldon’s day, prompting a hug and for him to have to use the bathroom again.

Bernadette is a little crabby because Howard went back to work, leaving her with Halley, so Penny and Amy suggest that she take a break to go dancing or something.

Amy goes home to Sheldon’s excitement over the trip. She isn’t quite as thrilled. It didn’t help that he talked all night. But Amy’s suffering is not in vain as Leonard and Howard are happy.

Kind of.

Colonel Williams came to check on the project and he wants the smaller design… great.

So they go to ask Sheldon to come back, but he is perfectly content being a train engineer, not the goofy type Howard is.

Sheldon is working on an engine and he thinks he likes this better than science. Leonard has an idea to “finish” Sheldon’s equation on the whiteboard, then show it to him so that when he saw it, he’d fix it. All he did was draw some numbers and Charlie Brown’s hair.

Bernadette gets a call from Raj about some questionable breast milk. Stuart offers to drink it…  The club Penny offers to go to is closed and she feels defeated. Pretty soon they all start crying over the pressure of adulthood.

The boys take the board over to Sheldon, hoping that he’d fix it but all he does is finish the Charlie Brown drawing.

Sheldon and Amy go on the trip and “Rock you Like a Hurricane” starts playing just as Amy’s fantasy ends… Aww. She is now super pumped for this train ride!

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