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“The Big Bang Theory” Recap “The Escape Hatch Identification”

Published on March 9th, 2017 | Updated on March 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

Raj can’t afford his apartment anymore and his friends are thinking about how to help him. Leonard and Penny do have Sheldon’s old room, but are still hoping that Howard and Bernadette offer Raj a place to stay first. But, they already have Stuart so I’m thinking that’s unlikely.

Well I lied, Howard offers Raj the garage. And coincidentally, Leonard offers Raj Sheldon’s old room. So Raj begins debating until Penny gets on the line and he agrees to move in. She seems to scare him a little.

Meanwhile Amy and Sheldon are having decorating problems. They can’t agree on anything. And now Sheldon is upset that Raj is moving into his room.

But, Sheldon decides to take the high road and get Raj a “welcome to the building” gift. It starts out really sweet until Sheldon starts reminding Raj of how humiliated he must be because of the situation and the moment is over.

Sheldon, still upset, calls Leonard’s mom, Beverly. She suggests that he uses his room as an escape hatch so that he doesn’t feel trapped in his insecurities with his relationship with Amy. She also suggests that Penny and Leonard only took Raj in because they have marital issues.

Raj feels like a burden and moves out. He goes to Howard and Bernadette’s and wakes them up scaring them all. Stuart even pops in with a replica Lucille, ready to defend. That’s right Walking Dead fans, there’s an Easter Egg 😉

Stuart helps Raj get settled for the night. The boys talk about their similar situations.

And the next morning, Penny and Leonard go over to invite Raj back to live with them.

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