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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’

Published on September 20th, 2016 | Updated on September 20th, 2016 | By FanFest

Remember at the end of last season when Sheldon’s mom and Leonard’s dad shared a cab and were flirting? Yeah Sheldon is still freaking out about that.

“Your parents are old, anything unspeakable would be finished by 9:30. Go to sleep!”- Penny

Sheldon eventually gets to sleep and the next morning, Penny is off to get her family but Beverly stops her to announces that she cannot come to the wedding.

Penny gets her to stay by saying that if she leaves then Alfred will know he got under her skin. It works.

While Howard is moping about the driving ticket he got last night, there is a knock at the door. Raj answers and it is a scary government worker, who is looking for Howard. Raj lies and shuts the door.

Penny picks up her family and her mom (Katey Sagal) is less than thrilled that Penny told her friends about Randall’s (Jack McBrayer) drug problem and jail time but her father (Keith Carradine) is “just trying to make this a nice trip.”

Howard is panicking about the government worker, Colonel Williams but decides to call him. They set up a meeting for Thursday.

Alfred and Mary come up to the apartment and Sheldon makes it awkward. He is really whiny. They express their wantings to see each other again and Sheldon, continuing to be whiny, has resorted to insulting Alfred and Leonard.

Amy walks in with her bridesmaid dress. She may be the only one who is genuinely excited for this wedding part 2.

Back at Penny’s apartment, Penny’s mom is embarrassed and doesn’t want Leonard’s family to think they are white trash.

“Well what color trash do you think they’ll believe?” – Randall

Leonard and Beverly come meet Penny’s family.

Howard is still worrying about the Colonel and what could happen to his invention.

And the wedding! Finally.

Stewart sits in between Leonard’s parents, Amy plays the harp, and Bernadette is officiating the ceremony. She’s the perfect person to do it to! Normally in TV shows the snarky comments go unnoticed by the rest of the cast, But Bernadette called them out on it and it was great!

Alfred and Beverly even have a little moment of reflection. Without their relationship, Leonard wouldn’t be there and they wouldn’t be at this wonderful ceremony.

That moment didn’t last long.

The families all head to the airport to go home.


This wasn’t the most exciting season opener but it sure was jam packed family drama. There was so much going on! I personally wanted to see more of Penny’s family. Please tell me this isn’t the only episode they are in! And aside from Sheldon being whinier than usual, I thought his speech at the wedding was charming. Since all of the family members went home at the end of this episode, I felt like the Howard scenes were unnecessary since he seems to be the focus of next week’s episode. There were just too many characters for the 22 minute episode and then to squeeze his plot line in too, why?

My favorite thing about this episode- Randall! Jack McBrayer was perfect! His comedic timing was on point. I’ve adored him since 30 Rock so I was super excited to see him in this episode and he delivered.

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