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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Comic-con Conundrum’

Published on February 24th, 2017 | Updated on February 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Remember last time Raj decided to cut himself off from his father? Well he goes to Sheldon to his finances and it’s not looking good. Leonard suggests getting a business manager. Sheldon forbids it as it’s a frivolous expense.

Sheldon’s hired and Raj isn’t allowed to go to Comic- Con.

But it turns out Penny is going and she’s trying to convince Amy to go with her. She’s not budging.

And neither is Sheldon when Raj keeps bugging him about letting him go. He even brings up that Bernadette won’t let Howard go and that Leonard is bringing Penny… Raj then gets the bright idea to sell some of his stuff back to Stuart and Stuart hires him so he can make some extra cash.

So Howard, not realizing that before, asks Bernadette and she says “Maybe” depending on if he makes up for being gone by helping out around the house. Howard even tries to outsource his chores to Raj. Of course Bernadette says no.

Leonard tries to convince Penny not to go by making it sound as awful as possible. They’re going as Hulk and She- Hulk.

Sheldon tell him to be honest with her.

On the way to dinner Penny and Leonard can’t decide who’s driving and it starts getting heated so Amy blurts out that Leonard doesn’t want her to go and she doesn’t actually want to go. So everyone’s happy.

They all get to Bernadette’s and Howard’s and Raj is gifted with money from babysitting Halley, so now he can go! But he doesn’t take it. Everyone except Sheldon decides to sit this year out because they’ve gone millions of times before and to make him feel better.

Sheldon then tries to seduce Amy into going with him to Comic-con

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