‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Change Constant/The Stockholm Syndrome”

Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, and Penny stay up to wait for a call from the Nobel Prize Committee to see if ShAmy won. Barry Kripke prank calls them (not cool) but Amy eventually gets the call. They won. Thinking they might be dreaming, Leonard finally gets to slap Sheldon awake. A lot of dreams are coming true today!


Sheldon and Amy are crumbling under the pressure, they never considered how this would change their lives. Sheldon is afraid of the attention and Amy is upset that a frumpy picture is all over the internet. Howard distracts a reporter for Sheldon and Raj helps Amy change her image. She feels better but Sheldon continues to act out and hates Amy’s new look.


Holy crap on a cracker, they fixed the elevator! Penny uses it to catch up with Sheldon so they can talk. Penny gets him to realize that he has changed a lot over the years and that things are always changing. It’s a universal constant.

Upset with Sheldon’s antics, Leonard vows to stop enabling him, starting with that giant molecule thing. It turns out that Leonard wears hoodies because he’s always chilly despite Sheldon not living in the apartment anymore.


Two months later, The gang gets ready to fly to Sweden. Burt is watching Cinnamon, Howard and Bernadette leave the kids with Denise and Stuart, Sheldon and Leonard finish rebuilding the giant molecule Leonard broke and Penny and Amy get their dresses fitted for the Nobel Prize Ceremony. Penny’s dress needed let out, OMG Penny’s pregnant!!

Sheldon thinks Penny is going to infect the plane with her “stomach bug,” AKA morning sickness, so Leonard and Penny tell him their secret. He passes the news on to Amy like it’s no big deal. This spurs an argument between Leonard and Sheldon. Sheldon’s antics drive the gang to almost fly back to LA. They decide to stay to see ShAmy get their award.


Seeing their friends in the audience, Sheldon is taken aback and decides to thank the people who tolerate him and helped him get there. He apologizes to them and tells them he loves them.


This finale was absolutely wonderful. There were so many surprises, the fixed elevator, Penny’s pregnancy, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Raj’s “date,” but most shocking of all, Sheldon’s speech. I cried through the whole thing, it was beautiful. The acoustic theme song at the end was a nice way to conclude the series. I was very nervous coming into this episode because series finales don’t often do the show justice. This finale exceeded my expectations by one fixed elevator, one pregnancy, one… you get my point. This was a wonderful goodbye to a wonderful show.

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