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“The Big Bang Theory” Recap “The Allowance Evaporation”

Published on February 17th, 2017 | Updated on February 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

Amy is trying to get Sheldon’s attention from date night, but he’s preoccupied with watching Raj compete with an Euler’s disk…

Later that night, Raj calls his father and updates him on his life. Part of that is that he’s single again. His father let’s him have it- he’s spoiled and can’t do anything on his own. Ouch.

At dinner, Amy and Sheldon see Bert. They go over and say hi, turns out he’s meeting a girl. But he gets stood up… poor Bert. Sheldon offers to have him join them.

The dinner goes well until Bert brings up Shamy’s love life. Amy is not happy. It is all Sheldon’s fault. Sheldon knows that its conventional for the guy to sleep on the couch but Amy is decidedly more couch sized.

Seeing that he upset Amy, Sheldon creates the Zones of Privacy. So that he’ll know what is acceptable to discuss with whom. He even reveals to Amy that he earned his driver’s license 2 years prior.

AT Penny and Leonard’s, Raj explains that he shops when he’s upset. Penny and Bernadette confirm Raj’s dad’s suspicions and Howard and Leonard reassure him that he can make it on his own.

The discussion quickly turns into the group fighting over who is going to take Raj in. But Raj refuses the help.

Raj calls his father again and says he done taking all of his money. Naturally his father is delighted, what father wouldn’t be?

So to help with Raj’s new life, he started packing a lunch and fired his dog walker. Good luck Raj!

See you at Comic-con next week!

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