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‘The Big Bang Theory’: Ending Sooner than We Think?

Published on September 13th, 2017 | Updated on September 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

CBS’s The Big Bang Theory is returning for season 11 on September 25th. But is this the beginning of the end?

Yes, we’ll see two more seasons of our favorite gang, but what happens after season 12 wraps up?

Kunal Nayyar, who plays the lovable Raj, has stated that although he doesn’t know if season 12 will be the last, there are fewer episodes to come.

“I mean, no-one wants to see an old, fat Raj… I don’t know if season 12’s going to be the last season – those decisions are not up to me – but I do know for a fact that we have less [episodes to come] than we’ve already had,” Nayyar told Digital Spy. “I’m not saying it’s the end after season 12, but we know that this incredible, special thing is going to come to an end, and sooner rather than later.”

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, has her own opinion on the matter. She doesn’t have an end date in mind, but she feels the show wouldn’t want to over stay it’s welcome.

“I’d be happy to go as long as we can, but I would like to go out on a high note,” she explained. “I’d prefer to go out while we’re doing well.”

This isn’t the first time that the stars have speculated that the end was near.

Nayyar hinted that season 10 would be the last. He was wrong, but he does bring up an excellent point on the subject.

“Why would everyone walk away from something that’s so good? No-one would. Not the studio, not the actors, not anyone. We’d all be foolish. But it is the industry and unless pen is on paper and you’re signed, sealed, delivered, anything can happen. There was never real doubt in my mind, but things can happen.”

So is this really the beginning of the end? What do you guys think?

source: Digital Spy, People’s Choice


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