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The Best ‘The Walking Dead’ Inspired Fan Tattoos!

Published on July 7th, 2016 | Updated on July 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

I’ve been thinking to write an article like this for a while. When I got the chance to finally do it, I called out for some help in this amazing Facebook Group called Walker Stalker Con London.

These people were nice enough to help me out and show me their The Walking Dead inspired tattoos! This didn’t make it easy though. Because, there are so many great artists out there that made these zombies, portraits and infected skin parts look so real.

The first one I want to show you is from a guy named Kevin Whiting. This seriously is one of my favorite zombie tattoos ever! This tattoo is done by Danny Edwards in parlor CULT X111.

The studio is CULT X111 the artist is Danny Edwards check them out.

Do you get now why it’s my favorite? The shadowing is on point! A true masterpiece right in front of us.

The next one I want to show you is another favorite. People who know me closely, know that I like to joke around about me starting the whole apocalypse… But in this case, I do think it’s Bee Garvey’s fault!

Done at underground in Watford

This masterpiece is made in the Underground Parlor in Watford.

I’ve got another walker tattoo ready for you and this one is just as awesome. Does she look familiar? This Walker is from @swarley80 (on Twitter) and is done by Emilio Winters at the House of Wolves parlor in the uk!

Bicycle walker by Emilio Winter at House of wolves studio. Hull, uk

She finished her whole arm off with a full The Walking Dead sleeve! Look at this:

alker bite and Daryl Dixon done by Ron at Heart and Huntington in Orlando, florida. Cherokee Roses done by Bonita Caruana at House of wolves studio. Hull. Uk

The walker bite and Daryl Dixon are done by Ron in the Hart and Huntington in Orlando Florida and the Cherokee roses are done by Bonita Caruana at the House of Wolves parlor in Hull.

For the next set of tattoos, I’d like to go a bit simpler on the design part. Of course, there are a lot of Daryl Dixon tattoos out there and these are really one of my favorites!

The first one is from @_joelythompson (on Twitter). I truly love this design because it’s like she said; “simple yet effective”!

done by Alex Hearn in Thirteen in Waltham Abbey My Twitter is @_joelythompson

This amazing line work is made by Alex Hearn in the Thirteen parlor in Waltham Abbey!

The second one is a pair of angel wings. It’s small, simple but shows that you love a specific show! This tattoo belongs to Emma Margaret Kenyon.
Voodoo in Warrington done by Laura Daryl wings Xxx

This art piece is made by Laura in the Voodoo parlor in Warrington.

I have so many favorites when I saw the list of tattoos coming in on my timeline, and it’s not because these were better or I liked them more than others. That’s why I’m going to show the tattoos that I got in. You may not like every tattoo, but I sure did. Because art isn’t meant for everyone, it’s meant for the person the tattoo was made for. That’s all I care about!

rick gun jerm dont Stuf & thaangs

These all belong to the same person Jeremiah Tyler and are done by Swallow Ink.

Done by David %22Devs%22 Baldaro at Vivid Ink Moseley, Birmingham, UK @9TeenAT5

This tattoo is from @9TeenAT5 (on Twitter) and is done by David ‘Devs’ Baldaro in the VividInk Moseley in Birmingham uk.

Done by Danny at Black Lotus Tattoo Liverpool - Twitter @redrogue70

This back piece belongs to @Redrogue70 (on Twitter) and is done by Danny at the Black Lotus parlor in Liverpool.

Done by Lee Church from Inkbox94 in Bedford

Tattoo done by Lee Church in the Inbox94 parlor.

Ste Carney @brothersinink did my zombie foot for me

Zombie foot done by Ste Carney @brothersinink parlor.

Chris long at room 16 did mine

Dony by Chris Long in the Room16 parlor.

Glenn doing a head shot by Emilio Winter at House of wolves studio, Hull. Uk
Nice arm piece that is still healing, done by Emilio Winter in the House of Wolves parlor.

Dan at heaven n hell in Oxford

Done by Dan in Heaven n Hell parlor in Oxford.

underground in Watford

Done at the Underground parlor in Watford.

Living arts tattoo studio in limerick @katieshox

All tattoos done by Living arts studio in Limerick. Tattoo belongs to @katieshox (on Twitter).

Daryl Dixon wings by James at Fat Panda @glitterchaos

Belongs to @glitterchaos (on Twitter) and is done by James in the Fat Panda parlor.

This is Doris.... Twilight zone tattoo...Glastonbury X @kath_o_the_leen

And this is Doris, this one belongs to @kath_o_the_leen (on Twitter) and is done in the Twilight Zone Tattoo parlor in Glastonburry.

Do you have The Walking dead inspired tattoos? Then you can show us!

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