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The Beloved Brother of Music Icon Madonna, Anthony Ciccone, Has Sadly Passed Away

Published on February 27th, 2023 | Updated on February 27th, 2023 | By FanFest

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Madonna‘s beloved older brother, Anthony Ciccone. His sister-in-law, Joe Henry – married to his other sibling Melanie – shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram.

“My brother-in-law, Anthony Gerard Ciccone, exited this earthly plane last evening. I’ve known him since I was 15, in the spring of our lives in Michigan so many years now gone. As brother Dave Henry (who took this photograph) notes here, Anthony was a complex character; and god knows: we tangled in moments, as true brothers can,” he wrote beneath a photo of a young Anthony.

A representative for Madonna did not immediately return a request for comment, however, the 7-time Grammy Award winner did like Henry’s post.

After receiving backlash for her appearance at the Grammys, Madonna revealed that the swelling from her surgery has significantly decreased.

“But I loved him, and understood him better than I was sometimes willing to let on,” Henry continued. “But trouble fades; and family remains — with hands reached across the table. Farewell, then, brother Anthony. I want to think the god your blessed mother (and mine) believed in has her there, waiting to receive you. At least for today, no one shall dissuade me from this vision,” he concluded.



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Anthony’s life was full of complexity, to the point that he described himself as distant from his family members.

Anthony gave an interview to EXTRA in 2012, where he revealed that he was completely disconnected from his family. He disclosed at the time of filming that he had no place to call home and resided beneath a bridge in Detroit.

“I’m a vineyard worker…I’m at odds with my father right now,” he explained at the time. “He won’t let me work on the vineyard. So I’m here,” he said, before adding if he were to return to his father’s business, his dad would first have to decide “he’s a human being and physically related to him.”

According to Christopher, Madonna’s brother, The Mirror reported in 2017 that Anthony had been joyously reconnected with his family.

In 2008, Christopher revealed that a rift had formed between him and his sister due to her refusal to aid their grandmother during the last stage of her life.

“It’s difficult to trust people, you know, but someone like my grandmother, you know, you just do it,” he told GMA. “I wanted her to look after her, to get her a driver and a car.”

“It seems like the easiest thing to do,” he noted. “Ultimately, so she, she gave her $500 a month and pays, and pays for her medical bills.”

At the time, Christopher was releasing his own book “Life with My Sister Madonna.”

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