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The Beauty of Disney World’s New ‘Pandora – The World of Avatar’ Attraction Brought Zoe Saldana to Tears

Published on May 26th, 2017 | Updated on May 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

In the film Avatar, the homeland of Pandora offers stunning scenery with breath-taking natural beauty and and gorgeous landscape.  Seriously, it’s so beautiful that it’s enough to make you want to cry.  When film star Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver got the opportunity to experience Pandora – The World of Avatar, the newest addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando, they were both overcome with emotion.

Saldana told People, after experiencing the new Pandora world for the first time on Wednesday, that the whole thing was a bit overwhelming:

“I’m trying to find the words that best describe my feelings, because I was here yesterday for the first time and I brought my family.  And it’s only through my family’s and my friends’ eyes that I’m able to give myself a moment of pause and absorb all of this.”

Both Saldana and Weaver said they were brought to tears after getting an early sneak peek at the new Avatar Flight of Passage ride. The ride, similar to the Soarin’ ride in Disney’s Epcot, immerses guests into the world of Pandora while traveling through the land via a winged banshee.  If you’ve been on Soarin’, you can probably imagine just how awesome this ride is when thinking back to the elements of Pandora.

Director James Cameron says that everything within Pandora was inspired by something that really exists on Earth.  Cameron is hoping that the ride inspires fans to have a new appreciation of nature and the natural world:

“Everything that is beautiful and alien and strange here was inspired by something beautiful and alien and strange right here on earth.  The thing that stirs the soul —  whether it’s a flower, a mountain, it touches us, and it touches everyone. And as we grow up we sort of learn to ignore it. I think this place hopefully will reconnect people.  I hope they leave here with a little sense of responsibility.”

Pandora – The World of Avatar opens to the public on Saturday, May 27th but, the folks over at People were lucky enough to get an early preview of the new world.  Check out their videos from Instagram below.  What do you think of Pandora – The World of Avatar?  Will you be planning a trip to Disney to see the new attraction?

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The mind-blowing animatronics on the Na’vi River Journey. Plus, catchy tune! 🌎#visitpandora

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