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The Batman: The Ending Might Be Divisive

Published on June 21st, 2021 | Updated on June 21st, 2021 | By FanFest

The Batman actually looks good! Everyone sort of freaked out when Robert Pattinson was announced as Bruce Wayne/Batman. That first trailer made me a believer though. He looks amazing, as does the film. But we’ve heard rumors that Warner Bros. is meddling with the film, as they tend to do. Even more concerning is that the ending might be divisive.

The Batman still has nine months before it is released, but concerning rumors have been cropping up over the last few weeks. We’ve heard it both ways, that Warner Bros. loves and hates Robert Pattinson as Batman.

The more concerning rumor concerns reshoots. Apparently, they weren’t exactly stoked on the first cut of the film. Now they’re bringing everyone back together to do some reshoots. The newest rumor might be the most concerning though.

Insider Grace Randolph is the one making these claims, and she says that the ending to The Batman will divide fans. Apparently, it’s a recent event from the comic books that fans will either love or hate. She, herself, did not like it, however.

We have no idea what comic book event she could be referring to. There’s no specific time frame so making guesses could prove difficult. Still, if the ending is so divisive maybe it’s for the best that it gets changed?

It’s hard to tell since Warner Bros. has a history of interfering in their movies when they shouldn’t. You’d think after the entire Snyder Cut fiasco they would know better than to mess around with their directors’ visions.

If these reshoots really are happening all we can do is hope that it all works out for the better. The last time we saw footage from The Batman it looked really good, and we want it to stay that way!

Since the ending might be divisive are you more or less excited for The Batman to release? Let us know in the comments below, we want to hear everything that you have to say!


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