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The Batman Is Done Filming!

Published on March 14th, 2021 | Updated on March 14th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Batman is shaping up to be pretty great, based on what we know! Honesty, that trailer with Robert Pattinson made it seem like it was going to be one of the best Batman films yet. It was dark, the way Batman should be and it’s going to lean into his more detective side. This could be a Batman movie unlike any of the ones that have come before it. Robert Pattinson even looks like he’s going to nail the role! At the very least, we should wait and see the film before passing any negative judgment. Until then it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic, does it? We should be, considering the news! After several delays stemming all the way back to last year… The Batman is done filming! Matt Reeves shared a behind-the-scenes photograph to celebrate the happy news!

Matt Reeves spoke during DC’s FanDome to reassure fans that this wasn’t simply going to be a new origin story for the Dark Knight. No, this is a Batman that has been operating for, give or take, a year.

“It’s not an origin tale, and you’re meeting him in the early days,” Reeves said during the FanDome. “What’s really important about this iteration is that you know a lot of the other stories are about how he had to master his fear and master himself in order to become Batman and that in that Batman state, he’s sort of in his best self, and I think for me, what was exciting was not doing that, not doing the origin, not doing what we’ve seen done so beautifully in other movies, but instead to meet him in the middle of this criminological experiment to see him in the becoming of Batman and to see him make mistakes as Batman, see him grow and fail and be heroic do all of the things that we associate with Batman but in a way that felt very human and very flawed.”

I can’t wait, and I’m glad The Batman is done filming!

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