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The Avengers had a Real ‘Fighting Chance’ Thanks to This Hero in ‘Infinity War’

Published on May 16th, 2018 | Updated on May 16th, 2018 | By FanFest

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, we’d recommend not reading any further. This post contains spoilers.

Thor has always been a favorite hero of ours, but in Infinity War, he was able to shine in a way we’ve not seen before. Thor: Ragnarok really opened a new door for the hero, one that got Hemsworth himself invested in the hero in a new light. We saw humor, sass, and what could be explained as nothing but Waititi magic in the character.

All of that carried over into Infinity War, and it made Thor even more likable than he was before. It also made him a stronger hero, that…and the loss of his best friend and brother. In a heart-wrenching conversation with Rocket, he said that he had nothing left to lose. He was going to find a weapon capable of taking on Thanos no matter the stakes. While his broken heart was a hard thing to watch him come to terms with, his heroism was incredible.

Now, if you ask some fans – and even the Russo brothers themselves – they’ll say some of the blame of Thanos’ survival is placed on Thor’s shoulders. He wanted Thanos to know that he fought against all odds to face him again. Instead of killing him, wounding him first so he could have ‘that moment‘ with the villain.

We all know, the battle had to be lost. Thor had to embrace that part of himself or the odds may have been different, thus changing the outcome of the fight altogether.

No matter what you think of Thor and Thanos’ last interaction, the valiant effort made when he joined the fight in Wakanda was a saving grace for everyone. It stood as a highlight of the film. The combined effort of Rocket, Groot, and Thor – an unlikely team that somehow made all the sense in the world. One we won’t soon forget.

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