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“The Art and Making of ‘The Flash'” – Review

Published on November 10th, 2016 | Updated on November 14th, 2016 | By FanFest

Love CW’s The Flash? Find yourself running like Barry Allen does and realizing how goofy you may look or find yourself unintentionally running into a person on the subway and they give you a look and you respond saying “Sorry. It is tough being the Fastest Man Alive!” and she gives you a quizzical look and turns around? Ok, that last part may just be me, but I know many of you love The Flash as much as I do and have eagerly been awaiting either an “Art of” book or “Making of” book about The Flash.  Well, thankfully that has now been solved with The Art and Making of ‘The Flash by Abbie Bernstein.

The book in comparison to other “Making of” and/or “Art of” books is rather slim at 160 pages; however, it packs quite a lightening punch for fans of The Flash (see what I did there?)! The book is divided into 5 sections: a making of the show (which is rather small; however, it is only 2 seasons in, with hopefully many more to come), a section dedicated to the character of The Flash and his allies, a section dedicated to the villians on The Flash, locations, and a weapons, gadgets and vehicles section. It is the last four sections of the book that prove to be the real deal, breaking down everything to focus all the attention they can on each character, location and iteam, both from a comic book perspective and what was done on the TV show and providing some behind the scenes material related to the character, place or item.

For only 2 plus season of The Flash, the The Art and Making of ‘The Flash provides a lot of very cool information and a lot of great pictures. If you want a really cool book on the show, this is the book for you. I give it five bolts of lightening for providing very entertaining and enlightening information from the show (so far) and for the awesome design and photo work in the book.

The Art of and Making of The Flash is currently available at all online and local booksellers. Make sure to follow our coverage of CW’s The Flash here. Thanks to Titan Books for sending a preview copy of the book. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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