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‘The Last of Us’ and The Ensuing Criticism Has Ignited a Fiery Uproar Among It’s Passionate Fanbase

Published on February 23rd, 2023 | Updated on February 23rd, 2023 | By FanFest

For an episode based on the notion of mushroom zombies destroying society, The Last of Us did their research. In its premiere, they provided background information regarding the plausible threats associated with cordyceps fungus and backed it up with scientific evidence (even if this occurrence is highly improbable).

As the world falls into disorder, the show cleverly reflects a range of responses to these drastic changes. From martial law under what remains of governmental forces, to those desperately trying to stay hidden, and now emerging self-sufficient communities – this series skillfully illustrates how people navigate an uncertain future.

Automobile enthusiasts everywhere have been questioning a scene from Episode four of the popular series. Joel and Ellie are seen traversing across America in an old gas-powered truck, with frequent stops for refills due to its lack of efficiency. The reason given was that after twenty years, any remaining fuel has degraded significantly resulting in abysmal mileage – yet Jalopnik informs us this would instead render it completely unusable after such a long period!


Viewers of the show are growing increasingly frustrated with this nitpicking, speculating that Joel himself may be confused about what’s transpiring.

Maybe they simply shouldn’t have explained it at all:

Are they missing the forest for the fungal trees?

But, to be fair, the Jalopnik article is 100% right:

Degraded gas may not power an engine but it certainly generates a lot of interesting discussion:

We’re prepared to suspend disbelief here:

It is interesting to note that the initial video game didn’t have Joel and Ellie utilizing gasoline explained, yet you had the chance to fan theory your own way around it by believing FEDRA must be providing some form of fuel despite society’s downfall.

It may have been beneficial if the show adopted a similar approach, yet we should give them credit for acknowledging this oft-neglected angle of post-apocalyptic literature.

The Last of Us airs Sundays on HBO.

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