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‘The 100’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Echoes

Published on February 8th, 2017 | Updated on February 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s been 84 years since The 100 has been allowed to wreak havoc on our lives, and it’s taken just as long for me to get back my post-apocalyptic groove and write this review. Listen, my dear friend Speedmouse (Erin Brown) takes MONTHS (she’s a busy lady) to write her reviews, and guess what? They’re still magical and brilliant so, I can do that too, right? Right. Before we get started, if you’re interested in my initial thoughts on the premiere– Roan’s abs, Octavia’s badassery, and my approval of all the Marper sex in Arkadia– head on over to AfterBuzz TV where I said some things on The 100 After Show following the long-awaited return of The CW series. That might be a recurring thing– so stay tuned. OK, no more dallying, the delinquents are back! And so am I! YASS.

If you missed the memo (like I did with The CW screeners this year, since last year’s Spoiler debacle locked that ish down real quick), the world is ending… again. START THE COUNTDOWN, Bitches. I feel like The 100 Writers and Shonda Rhimes should team up, because they’re constantly throwing these catastrophes at their characters non-freakin’ stop! Chill bro, chill. It’s okay to spread out dread and dismay, I don’t need it all at once, unless it’s in the form of Netflix, then gimme gimme gimme.

The show returned with a bang, but I have to admit, this episode felt more like a fragmented reintroduction than anything else. The Season 4 introductory episode was written by Jason Rothenberg, a man who some would say quite literally vanished from social media after the backlash of last season– now, I’m not interested in dwelling on the past– Lexa Kom Trikru will be an integral part of this entire season (from what we’ve seen already) so I’m rooting for Mr. Rothenberg and co. to do it justice and honor that memory, and her significance not only to the show but Clarke. Unfortunately, the show must go on, and this Clexa lovin’ heart must mend. Finally. I must say, they’re off to a decent start with Clarke finally admitting to Abby that she loved Lexa. We all knew it, but the validation was a nice gesture, to say the least. This relationship is far from over, and as I stand by my prediction that Clarke will love again, or at least be intimate again with someone– it’s refreshing to know how much Lexa impacted Clarke’s life, and that’s ALWAYS worth taking the time to tell.

Overall, tensions were running high during this episode, no shocker there, and this plot-heavy premiere wasn’t what we wanted, but exactly what we needed in order to get our heads back into the game. Sure, at times it was a bit schizo– bouncing around from here to there and quite frankly everywhere, but since we picked up right where we left off (Clarke destroying the City of Light without consulting her people, and impending doom lurking on nearly 96% of Earth’s surface), the ground work was IMPERATIVE to moving forward, and now we’re off to the races. To save humanity, that is.

Immediately my mind went into panic mode: Who will be Polis’ new leader? Can the clans trust Skaikru after they brought the City of Light and ALIE’s “evil” ways into their lives? With humanity’s forthcoming destruction on the horizon, any hope for these people to work together to save everyone is slim to none, so what’s the point even!? The politics of Polis have always intrigued me, but I’m not sure how much attention they can really give that without dealing with bigger issues– like Clarke keeping this massive secret from her people and the rest of those on Earth, Roan’s shaky grasp of his followers (and Echo), and everyone else’s stance on this issue at hand. Much like our real world problems, Trump is President, if you haven’t heard– that’s the giant question mark on most viewers minds: Will those with differing opinions rise up together, or be divided by yet another impossible task?

Speaking of opinions… Echo, girllll, you hungry for that D… dictatorship. She’s come a long way from the half dead grounder in the cage beside Bellamy back during the days when all we had to worry about was Mount Weather and their infatuation with the Sky People’s blood, and bone marrow. Now that Mount Weather has been obliterated (RIP you stone, cold hottie), there’s literally not a damn place (except for Space) that these people can escape to in order to survive… and much like the Titanic… there sure as hell aren’t going to be enough lifeboats to save them all. Dun, dun, dun.

While I admire her attempt to manipulate the King of Azgeda, I’m not so sure her passion (and force) will be enough to get him fully on board, let alone everyone else. He seems reluctant at first to embrace this title after being revived by Clarke and crew (HOW DOES EVERYONE ELSE LIVE FROM FATAL WOUNDS ON THIS SHOW, EXCEPT FOR LEXA? GAH). But, despite the chaos surrounding him, he chooses to honor the coalition and the last TRUE Commander, Lexa. Whaddup Skaikru, you da 13th Clan again… haiiii. But for real… 

Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Zach McGowan’s abs. Need I say more?

I really hope that Roan survives, at least long enough for him to pass the torch and allow another nightblood to ascend to the Commander role, but again, everybody bout to die– why do any of these politics even matter!?

Echo tried to get Roan to kill Clarke, and I was like bitch say what? I will cut you. Glad he didn’t take the bait and took Clarke’s word as she bravely handed over the flame to him as a literal bargaining chip. Clarke and Roan’s working relationship is definitely a highlight. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that as the season progresses. With all this progress, between Clarke and Roan, and destroying the City of Light (or so we think), even her coming clean about the nuclear reactors to the new King, I am a bit weary of Clarke’s position as a leader. I understand the need to not cause mass hysteria, but, could this information help them in the long run? Who knows. Which brings me to my next point…

What does knowing about the end do to people? Jasper is one example. We see him in the premiere prepping for his suicide, note addressed to Monty, tarps down, gun in hand. This scene was dark. So very dark. And I would have been OK seeing it at the end of last season, that would have made sense, but now? No. Wrong timing. I knew they wouldn’t go through with this route so early in the game but I also felt like it was all smokes and mirrors to show us that hey, now that Jasper knows he’s going to die, he doesn’t need to take his own life. I’m still meh about this, as Jasper’s character started out so strong and now feels much like a drawn out nuisance to the other plots of the series. Come on, writers… 

Indra’s alive! I mean, did we have any doubt? Sure, she took a little detour to play with the folks over at American Horror Story, but she’s back! I’m still flabbergasted at how many people miraculously survive all of these mortal wounds… hmm… must be TV magic.

I’m pulling for some major deaths this season, I mean, you can’t have another apocalypse without brutally murdering some of our mains, right? And no, Echo beheading a Polis ambassador doesn’t count as a gruesome death… but, again… we have acid rain inducing lesions to look forward to. Yay!

Another thing to look forward to? Raven’s impeccably bad timing when it comes to sexy times between Monty and Harper. The two were canoodling in the Ark again, and here busts in Raven to shout it from the rooftops that the world is ending! The world is ending! I appreciate her candor, but, can’t you wait a hot second until they’re not neked and totally deciding to go steady.

Clarke confides in Bellamy at the end of last season, and although I don’t see a romance in their future, I do see an epic run as co-leaders… straight ‘til the end. These two are great when they are on the same page, but will they be able to rule by each other’s side without something, or someone, getting in their way? Still not here for Bellarke, but you do you, folks. 


  • Raven does some investigating and realizes she can’t save the world… so we’re basically screwed.
  • Bellamy and Echo (BECHO) –  I’m so here for this. Hate-sex, please and thank you.
  • Indra and Kane’s adorable bromance! I dig this. Even after everything, Indra embraces Kane and the reunion is just magical.

  • Monty and Harper aka Relationship Goals.
  • I didn’t go too much into Octavia today, because I think there will be more to tell next episode… initial thoughts are BAMF, HAF, YASS MY KWEEN, YAS. Although, her killing of Pike and then storming off only to be reunited with the team was– weird? Felt out of place.

  • Murphy, you know I love you bro, but jumping ship to be with the girl… that’s low, even for you. You’re an important part of the Adventure Squad and I need you, and your greasy locks to be front and center when the world is going to hell!
  • Jaha’s bout to get a real dose of what he did these last few seasons, and quite frankly, IDGAF. I understand the need for a redemption arc, but at this point– I’m over it. It’ll be interesting to see what he does to unburden himself with all these deaths… as well as his ex-Chancellor wisdom for Clarke and her task at hand, but other than that…. NEXT.

  • Where’s Niylah? Need. Now.
  • Will there be a season 5? I hope they’re all chillin’ on some distant planet next season– hey, we could really use another Earth right now… lookin’ at you Flash, come save us!
  • p.s. new number, who dis… and what are you doing with The Flame?

What did you think of The 100’s return? Was it everything you hoped it would be… or are you still ‘meh’ from the 84 year long break in between seasons? Let me know in the comments section, AND be sure to catch up before the new episode. 


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