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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘The Tinder Box’

Published on March 2nd, 2017 | Updated on March 14th, 2017 | By FanFest

Niylah’s back and Bellarke is in trouble, Hey-la, hey-la, my grounders back! But seriously, who thought it was a good idea to turn the Ark into a bunker that could shelter them from the radiation? It fell how many miles from space, doesn’t even have any real stability holding the ring of tin up, and yet it’s going to house 100 survivors through the apocalypse? Mmmkay. Sure. Their viable solution has just gone up in flames, thanks to Ilian (WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!) and now Abby and Raven’s nightblood solution is quite frankly the ONLY solution. What could go wrong… erm. EVERYTHING.

Leading up to the explosion in “The Tinder Box” were urgent, and tense AF moments. Thanks to Echo being a total bitchface convincing Roan to declare war on Skaikur, battle is on the horizon and Clarke and crew have about 10 million other things to think about other than protecting Arkadia from a tech-hating grounder, and Azgeda soldiers.

On the Blake front, Octavia has miraculously made it back to Arkadia and her and Clarke share a beautiful kiss… okay, it was mouth to mouth resuscitation. But, in my mind Warrior Princess is totally going steady right now. Ha. But really. Ilian brings her back, and I knew the moment they left him alone, his shifty eyes would go straight to the tech. Boy has been on a mission from the start, and taking a hot second to do a good deed was not going to stop him from going all crazy on the ships tech. I still have no clue how Octavia and Niylah survived that blast, or Ilian for that matter. Hmmm… more TV magic, I suppose.

After making sure her baby girl is OK, Clarke devises a plan to take Ice Nation by surprise. They have no idea that Octavia is alive, let alone has made it to Arkadia to warn them that they are about to be under attack. Yasss my kween. They surprise the Ice Nation and cut them off on their way to Arkadia. Clarke demands that she speak with Roan, but Ice Nation has some other plans in mind… yes, they have Bellamy and Kane hostage! Please don’t hurt Daddy Kane! Please, please, please. Skaikru aims their guns at Roan, and that does not help the hostility between the clans. Nope, not one bit. Knowing that he’s pretty much screwed, Roan agrees to talk with Clarke. But hopes are not high in a good outcome for these two rivaling leaders.

It’s clever, yet bittersweet, that after coming to a violence-free solution, to share the 100 spots on the Ark (if the nightblood thing doesn’t pan out in time), that it’s quite literally blow to smithereens. Still lookin’ at you, Illian. Ugh. Shockingly the only loose cannon this episode is Riley, who should have never been invited to the ambush party in the first place. He clearly holds a grudge and is not going to look past the fact that Ice Nation held him and his people captive for so long, tortured and worked them like slaves until recently… I was like, damn boy, you’re giving bloodthirsty Echo a run for her money– chill, bro. We do not need a massacre on our hands and I really just want someone to kill you right now. Is it terrible I don’t give a damn about Riley? Oops. Sorry, not sorry.

BECHO anyone? Yassss! I stand by the fact that ever since these two met in the bottomless pit of Mount Weather, Bellamy and Echo keep getting pitted against each other. This ongoing friction is that hate to love, love to hate dynamic that I’m sure will end in some sort of steamy scene in some cavernous dwelling. They aren’t friends, they aren’t enemies, they are just there. Even when Bellamy believed Echo killed his sister, he still wasn’t about to draw fire. The sense of relief when he realized that Octavia must have been alive in order for his people to be leading Ice Nation into a trap was satisfying to watch. What a beautiful moment. Truly. Ultimately, Bellamy and Echo must work together again, to save the King from a rogue Riley (his new trademark name, btw), from starting a war that just can’t be fought right now. Even though Octavia couldn’t appeal to Illian’s humanity, Bellamy was able to convince Riley to drop the gun and to not allow war to make him a murderer. Something Bellamy has become over time.

With Ilian literally blowing up their escape plan, and Clarke and Roan at a crossroads between clans… Abby and Raven must save the world, no pressure or anything. They’re in Becca’s lab and they’re running tests on Luna, trying to figure out how to duplicate the blood that Becca made some time ago. Upgraded Raven is seeing visions, and having some trippy out-of-body experience that was totally weird to watch, but fun at the same time. The whacky floating around the lab leads to her discovery that is crucial to the making of nightblood. Are you ready for this… the blood must be made in zero-gravity environment, and luckily Becca has a bomb ass ship laying around in her lab. Like I said… “We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky.” haha. Unfortunately for Raven, who has this new A.L.I.E. upgraded brain, is operating at such a high capacity that it will ultimately lead to her death. That’s what happens when you unplug something when it’s trying to download (tech lesson here folks). Oh yeah, and Abby is suffering from something similar– meaning neither of our favorite ladies have much time left thanks to the City of Light being abruptly yanked from their craniums. Hot damn! Do we really have to wait two weeks for its return? Boo!


  • Even with Becca’s memories, can Raven race against the clock and save everyone before her supercomputer brain has the ultimate meltdown? Lord, we hope so!
  • Why do I feel like Mama Griffin is going to sacrifice herself to save Raven? Someone hold me.
  • I smell a lot of tragic heroism this season… a lot. And I don’t think I like it.
  • Can BECHO just have sex already?
  • Where’s Murphy?
  • TGOS (Thank God Octavia Survived)


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