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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘The Four Horsemen’

Published on February 22nd, 2017 | Updated on February 22nd, 2017 | By FanFest

Lessons we learned during Episode 3: Never trust a cult to build a viable solution for the end of the world… or a Bellarke “hug.”

Deadly waves of radiation are about to come knocking on the crumbling doors of Arkadia (and every single square foot of Earth) and y’all are over here (even one week later) squealing about a Bellarke nuzzle… SMDH. Don’t you people know that the world is quite literally bursting into flames, and everyone is about to meet their untimely death! Priorities, people. But seriously, aside from much needed character development (between many of our beloved clan members) so much happened in “The Four Horsemen” besides “romantic endeavors.” Could there be a new saving grace for Clarke and co. as they wait for radiation to engulf their land, lungs, and limbs? Perhaps, but before we get into the groups almost saving grace this episode, I need to bring up some semi-important happenings in Polis…

A step down from last week’s well-balanced action between both Arkadia and Polis, “The Four Horsemen” keeps us split between worlds, but not quite evenly. Arkadia was front and center this episode as Jaha revealed that hey, there might be another bunker (built by a crazy cult leader) that we can use to save e’erbody, mmmkay? But other than that shit show of a plot that came all too conveniently when the audience needed a little bit of hope, were the interactions between Octavia and Indra. That gave me life! It was a monumental moment when we not only learned that Indra had a daughter, but that Gaia had stolen the Flame and plans to disappear with it so that King Roan would never have control over the Commander’s spirit. Oh hello there new Flamekeeper, let’s hope you don’t meet the same fate as our old pal Titus… RIP. I wonder if they ever got those blood stains out of that bathtub… anyways.

The plots in Polis felt a little unimportant, not to say I didn’t enjoy them– I was just overall apprehensive about Octavia allowing Gaia to escape with the flame after pulling a fast one over on Ilian, and Roan’s faction of grounders. They really don’t like tech. Guess we wouldn’t be friends 97 years from now… IDK what I would do without my iPhone. #AppleAddict. But yes, there was a real switcharoo happening during this episode, when the “fake” flame (a necklace worn by Gaia since she was a kid) was smashed and the real one made its way, I assume, out of Polis and into the depths of the woods. Like, that’ll do anyone any good with the apocalypse looming. Radiation song break:

Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide, hide, hide, I’m gonna find you– and slowly kill you.

Credit: The CW

I really enjoyed the fact that Octavia, someone who has been extremely unpredictable lately, stood down for Indra… the development between these two since we first saw them at odds back when Lincoln was alive and totes stuck like glue to Octavia, is bff goals at its finest. I truly see them as equals… but also a mother/daughter vibe as well. Perhaps that’s why I felt like Octavia really wanted to beat Gaia down– a little sibling rivalry eh? In many ways Octavia is like a surrogate daughter to Indra, and she’s taken immense interest in Octavia– molding her, teaching her, allowing her to come into the grounder fold. Having a “daughter” that wants to be a warrior seems like it was extremely important to Indra. Which is why finding out that Gaia decided to go with her Flame calling over staying with her mom and learning to be a bad ass (although, she doesn’t really have any issues here– she held her own with Octavia quite well) was enlightening. It just shows what Indra wanted for her future, a future she doesn’t seem to be a part of right now. Maybe that will change, who knows. There’s no doubt about it though, Octavia is dedicated to Indra and grounder politics– she has chosen a side. She’s not in it with Roan, she wants Lexa’s spirit to live on and perhaps there’s use for ALLIE 2.0 in the foreseeable future…

But what’s going to happen when King Roan finds out that Octavia chopped off an innocent boy’s head just to trick him into thinking he was the one who stole the flame– and not Gaia? Nothing good, I assume. There’s a rift between Roan, the Sky People and Octavia could play a huge part in that– oh, and Echo as well. She’s out for Skaikru’s blood and this is just going to be the icing on the cake when it comes out into the open.

Back in Arkadia, I can’t even imagine what Clarke is going to feel like when she finds out that the Flame has been destroyed. She went out on a limb for the good of her people to give Roan the Flame, and finding out (even if it’s false) that it’s gone for good is going to kill her a bit (if the radiation doesn’t get to her first). That’s the last piece of Lexa she had… and realizing that she has nothing left to remember her by but her fleeting memories is going to break her heart, and mine as well. I hope we can trust Gaia and that she’s got the best interest of the Commander’s spirit in mind. I would hate to find out we have a traitor in the midst and we just handed over our only bargaining chip (pun intended) to that of an enemy. I guess time will tell.

Gaia didn’t die… that’s a start.

Credit: The CW

Back in Arkadia Raven discovers that ALIE’s calculations were wrong, and instead of six months to live– we now have two. Well, shit! How are they supposed to figure out a solution in time? HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?

ABBY’S BACK FROM POLIS, and has returned to her Doctor duties. She’s finally reunited with Clarke, but only for a short while until her attention is redirected to a bigger, more pressing matter (of course their timing sucks). Luna and a few of her grounder folk are in dire need of assistance. The group from the oil-rig has been wiped out when they consumed irradiated fish, and confirmation that the first waves of radiation are here sends many into a panic. Acute Radiation Sickness is upon us and luckily it can’t be transmitted through the air. Aren’t you glad you skipped the sushi today, guys? I am!

It just goes to show some of the inconsistencies already this season… the grounders (esp. Luna and her crew) hated what the Sky people stood for and wanted nothing to do with them when they were asking for their help to fight ALIE… yet, here they are– in need and on Arkadia’s doorstep. Ironic. But, I guess it also shows that desperate times call for desperate measures… and there were quite a few of them in “The Four Horsemen.”

From those left in Luna’s crew, to Jaha’s wild goose chase for the doomsday bunker, there were many disappointments in this episode. We’re only three episodes in, I mean, did you really think no one else would die or that we would instantly find a massive radiation-proof solitude for all to live and prosper in peace and happiness and NOPE. When Jaha lead Bellamy and Clarke to that bunker only to find thousands of rotting corpses I was both crying because they hadn’t found a solution yet and laughing my ass off because the audience really thought it would be that easy.

We had to send Jaha on a wild goose chase because we needed MORE controversy! If he hadn’t taken Raven’s rover and set them back a day when we legit have 60 days left to live… well, then it wouldn’t be the high stakes antics of The 100 that we know, love and are often annoyed at.

Credit: The CW

A truly epic moment was when Raven got a sense of what it would be like to be the leader of the pack. I mean, haven’t we all wondered what it would be like to be Clarke for a day– making decisions, being the HBIC (head bitch in charge), having to worry about everything but bathing? Haha. With Clarke, Bellamy and Jaha gone that gave her the freedom to get a feel for what it’s like making the tough decisions. Did she like it? Hmmm, I think yes and no.

One of the difficult decisions came into play when Abby and Raven fought over giving Abby medicine to save Luna and others with ARS… Raven refused to fork it over where it could potentially save the life of Luna’s surrogate daughter Adria. Here’s another instance where a leader has to look at the situation as a whole, and not squander their resources because it caters to their emotions. Save one- kill thousands, doesn’t look so hot on a t-shirt, now does it? Abby laid on the guilt REAL heavy, and told Raven she was condemning the little girl to death– damn Mama Griffin, way to be a buzzkill.

Luckily, Murphy returned to Arkadia to steal food and supplies, only to become privy (while he was eavesdropping) to the fact that the world is ending and we don’t have much time left. Murphy not only swipes limited food supply, but the medication for the girl which he promptly gives to Abby. Unfortunately, Adira, along with the other grounders in Arkadia die from the radiation–

Both Lindsey Morgan and Richard Harmon have given brilliant performances throughout the seasons, and this episode was no different. They both exhibited severe struggle between doing what was right for the entire group (or in Murphy’s case, himself and Emori) or saving one life that will most likely perish as the apocalypse is thrown into high gear. Prioritizing is a problem for most characters on the show (much like the people who watch The 100 and can’t seem to focus on the storylines aside from ROMANCE).

Credit: The CW

But let’s be realistic, did they even have a chance? They ingested radiation soaked fish… there was no coming back from that, no matter how many pills you took. Unless you’re Luna, who made a miraculous recovery without any medical intervention, and who did survive thanks to the biology of her nightblood. Now, I know what you’re thinking– let’s just go all Mount Weather, round up all the Nightbloods and bleed those little buggers dry so we have a cure for radiation poisoning… don’t think I didn’t entertain that idea. But unfortunately, morals and all stopped me from sending out the hypothetical lynching mob.

Towards the end of the episode, Clarke, who had been peer-pressured the entire episode to create a list of 100 names that would get to live on the Ark once the end came, finally sat down to do just that. Make a list. Clarke added Bellamy to number 99… and with one slot left, seemed at odds within herself. Bellamy awoke from his lustrous nap to insist that that 100th name be Clarke’s. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “ooooh Bellarke! It’s happening, it’s happening!” No. This wasn’t a romantic moment– this was a moment of understanding, of development between the rocky friendship that these two have been on the last few seasons. This was the nudge Clarke needed to realize that maybe, just maybe, if Bellamy could get on board and have faith in her perhaps the rest of the group would too. I might be anti-Bellarke, but I can see character development when it’s right in front of me. And these two seem to be leading the same charge… finally. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Clarke has been so hard on herself, from the very beginning of the series. Before being sent down to Earth, Abby told her daughter to fight her instincts– not to feel like she needed to take care of everyone else. Look how good that turned out. This is Clarke’s weakness, and how she’s wired, and sitting down to make this list was no different. She wanted to save everyone and didn’t think she should be one of those being saved. She doesn’t believe she deserves to take a spot on the list when so many others are going to die when the time comes. She’s a great leader, and that’s what leaders do– put people before themselves, but sometimes you need someone to reaffirm your capable of greatness. I mean, we’re all human, after all. And there is no show without Clarke Griffin, right? Right.

Overall, I enjoyed “The Four Horsemen.” Sure, there were a few hiccups in this episode that I didn’t enjoy (Bellarke nuzzle– the episode being divided between Polis and Arkadia in an unequal way, Octavia letting Gaia take the Flame) but ultimately it was a solid installment and proved itself by bringing so much to the table that we didn’t even know we were looking for. Ten episodes left, people. Brace yourselves for…  THE END.


  • People keep posting spoilers, and leaks… and to them, I simple say EFF YOU. Stop it, you suck and I hate you.

  • The lack of Jasper was probably the highlight of the episode. Look, I enjoy Devon Bostick, but Jasper is way past his expiration date. Let’s hope if anyone survives the end of this season… it’s not him. #Cutthroat
  • I do like Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship. Whether or not it turns into a romance this season… or next, the friendship is still solid.
  • I couldn’t quite make out the names on that entire list… but one legible one was “Kim Ginsburg,” undoubtedly a nod to writers Kim Shumway and Co-Executive Producer Aaron Ginsburg.
  • The interaction between Indra and Gaia was a welcomed change. It’s rare that we see Indra in a vulnerable moment, and we got a big one this episode. It’s nice to see that even she is human.
  • More Ilian. I want to see more of him for some reason.
  • Sooooo… Luna self-heals (from radiation poisoning) and Lexa still couldn’t survive a little bullet to the gut. Mmmkay, The 100, mmmmkay. #StillSalty
  • Emori found out about Murphy’s canoodling with Ontari and let’s just say… she ain’t happy ‘bout it!
  • Where did Gaia take the Flame? Will she find a new Nightblood to take it? Will we see her again? From the looks of the trailers from the start of the season, it seems like Gaia will be doing some sort of Flamekeeper voodoo to the Commander’s spirit soon enough. So let’s stay tuned!
  • More Nyko. K. Thanks, bye.


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