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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Perverse Instantiation: Part One’

Published on May 18th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

We are so totally screwed. “Perverse Instantiation: Part One” has come and gone and the audience is left with their heads down and tails between their legs, singing the final number from Buffy the Musical… “where do we go from here?” That’s a good freaking question… This show has never shied away from the nitty, the gritty and the downright blasphemous and that’s basically how I would like to describe this latest episode. As we go into the final episode of season 3 (holy shit where did the time go?) nothing is off limits ::cough:: Clarke’s about to die ::cough:: and that’s perhaps the most frightening part of this whole thing. Besides having little to none in the options department when it comes to stopping ALIE from her plan to enslave the human race, Clarke was tortured this week by her own mother and forced to make a tough decision… to let her die. No take backs!

The first hour of The 100’s two-part season finale left us with a bad taste in our mouths, and we’re not just talking about those City of Light chips that Jaha and his ALIE cronies are STILL peddling to everyone with a pie hole. Thanks to one of my favorite humans, Aaron Ginsburg and his worthy writing partner in post apocalyptic crime, Wade McIntyre– I am thoroughly ruined for the duration of 2016. Possibly 2017, depending on how May 19th goes. These bloody circumstances are dire and the fate of humanity lies on the shoulders of a teenage girl from space. Well, shit.

You have to hand it to her, ALIE sure knows how to bring strong men and women to her knees, and defeating her is going to be harder than keeping a lesbian on TV these days. Sorry, the salt is flowing through me today– had authentic ramen over the weekend and holy sodium! But what if ALIE can’t be defeated? What if The 100 is about to change forever… *pops two Xanax, pours a glass of wine, puts my therapist on speed dial*

tumblr_inline_o7dm26DPq51snn4y4_500From the beginning of the series Clarke has been the primary focus of this show. Yes, The 100 has a great ensemble cast and although there’s sometimes a disconnect between the storylines and the characters we see week to week, people look to her for answers. She’s their leader. Seeing her separate from her people this season was both great and terrible at the same time. On one hand we got to see her relationship with Lexa develop in Polis and her finally beginning to heal with an unlikely partner after the genocide at Mount Weather… sure she might have been running away from her problems at some point. But the knowledge she learned while on the run was undoubtedly invaluable. On the other hand we see her forced to exile herself from Skaikru, ripping that leadership love we all felt for her the moment she took the reins from a rogue Finn who just couldn’t seem to keep his ass in his damn seat on the dropship.

the+100+2x11+im+in+charge+gifThere’s this assumption that Clarke will overcome anything and everything and that she will save everybody… always. But perhaps, despite the narrative we’ve been following this entire series, this time is different. Maybe she really can’t save anyone. Stay with me while I go to the dark and twisty parts of my mind, because I just have a crippling fear that The 100 writers are setting us up for an epic blow with the season finale. Yes, ANOTHER one… and this time with Clarke’s demise. I have an odd feeling our beloved heroine will lose her life in the finale fighting a battle that perhaps can’t be won. For her people. Now, is this death permanent? Lord, I hope not. But, the thought did cross my mind that she might not make it out of this alive– and ALIE will. As alive as she can be anyways. Random whacky thought for the day… maybe ALIE ends up being able to take the form of flesh and we see Erica Cerra transform into someone else, trying to rule the real world? No, that’s crazy talk! Ah!

tumblr_o6j5vousG51t7xwc9o2_500Abby didn’t die, and I’m kind of mad about it. Not to say that Paige Turco isn’t a lovely human and has had some amazing moments on the series, but, Clarke was willing to let her own mom hang herself instead of giving them the passphrase (which is a stupid term, btw) to ignite the flame. And dammit, she should have died! Now it’s just awkward if Mama Griffin comes to her senses and realizes she tortured her daughter to activate some mind-controlling AI and in return that her daughter was going to let her die for the greater good. Thanksgiving this year is gonna be GREAT! I know I should be more happy about this show sparing lives. Casualties have been at an all-time high this season, but this one is just something I’m ‘meh’ about. There’s still the finale, right? Losing Abby would be another personal hit to Clarke, and even though promises of a Clarke/Lexa reunion in the City of Light in the finale… we still can’t help but want Clarke to be spared.

tumblr_myt6m7L6K61rxdafvo1_400I’m starting to realize that this entire review is basically about Clarke, and rightfully so… but come on, she’s Clarke! Despite ALIE’s constant manipulation, she’s still not giving into that bitch in the red dress and I love her for it. The theme is apparent here, everyone has been brought into the fold by ALIE because they just can’t seem to let their loved ones go. IS LOVE WEAKNESS AFTER ALL!? Shit, Titus… still lingering with your menacing mantra. Since Clarke has been the one to see the most loss of people she loves, it’s only fitting that she would be the one to resist ALIE’s promises of happiness and an epic reunion. She makes the hard calls.

I can’t wait to see if Jaha and the rest of the gang that are under ALIE’s control come out of it and realize all the really shitty things they have done. Ya know, world domination, torturing friends and loved ones, the usual. Especially Jasper, who yes, is chipped! WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU, WE ALL WERE ROOTING FOR YOU. I’d like to publicly shove my foot in my mouth, and apologize to Harper… you were not the culprit behind the leak. Anyways, tender moments between him and Monty lead us on a slippery slope to the depths of hell. Jonty breaking up, hell. He stabbed him. Jasper stabbed Monty and I’m not okay. Not at all. Now, of course, I understand why Jasper did it. He never really moved passed his PMS (post Maya syndrome) and let’s face it, he just wants to stop fighting and be happy. He finally gave up, joined the COL crew and was creepily shanking his buddy. Not mention holding Harper hostage at gunpoint desperate to get his grubby little hands on the device that Raven is planning to end ALIE with. But, I’m assuming that since Monty slept with Harper (I call plot device), establishing that he has feels for her… that he’s going to smash the device and ruin Raven’s chances of saving the day. Damn Monty and his man parts!

tumblr_mukw24qOxY1sqgfwso1_250Let’s talk about someone who isn’t a dick on this show… Murphy! Yes, you heard me right. He truly went from zero to hero and I basked in the glory that is Richard Harmon this entire episode. If you harm a hair on that spongebob loving boy’s head in the finale, I will end you all. But really, he’s a good guy now, he saved Bellamy, Miller, Bryan, Octavia and even Abby. This guy is my new go-to. If anything… I need a spinoff of Clarke and Murphy ruling all the lands. Because why the hell not? Please and thank you. It was bittersweet and a tad bit weird seeing Murphy reunited with his former dropship travellers, but hearing him say that he cares about someone other than himself to the whole group, was awesome! Octavia, Indra and Pike actually make a great team. Go figure. And Octavia’s grief over losing Lincoln almost consumed her in this episode. My senses are tingling again, and I’m pretty sure that Octavia is pregnant! Gasp! I mean, why introduce the removal of the contraceptive implants in the beginning of the season if you weren’t going to do anything with it at some point? But maybe that’s for next season… who knows.

Overall, this episode was a great first part to the finale– I’m sure I’ll be singing another tune after Part Two rolls around… because NOTHING IS GOING TO BE THE SAME AGAIN. I just know it.


  • Will Pike survive the season? I have a sneaky suspicion he will.
  • Ontari is brain dead. And all signs point to a blood transfusion for Clarke to take the flame. I’m so for this… and so against it at the same time. Why do you conflict my feels!? Why!
  • How about that Clexa reunion… I’m cautiously optimistic that even if Lexa doesn’t miraculously come back to life and live happily ever after with Clarke, that she’ll get a proper send off and some closure when it comes to us die-hard Clexa shippers. But, we shall see. I anticipate another broken heart, just because life is unfrackingfair like that.
  • Kane shot Roan, but he’s okay guys! It’s just a flesh wound. I’m surprised Roan actually lived up to his end of the bargain, and got blasted for it. Way to go. His arrangement with Clarke to infiltrate Polis was predictable but necessary.
  • Like, what’s with all the shooting. Just like seekrits, guns just don’t make friends. And don’t get me started on Bryan getting shot. You’re treading murky water right now The 100, do not kill another gay character. K thanks.
  • Hot damn Indra saved the day. Or Kane rather. BRB while I sob into my pillow. I love this dynamic.
  • Remember that time Bellamy Blake said that he wanted to stop all the killing… and then, he killed the grounder in the elevator? Yeah. Can someone shoot him already…
  • They aren’t defeating ALIE, they just can’t. Erica Cerra is too good and too creepy to get rid of just yet.
  • Who else will we see in the City of Light? I can’t wait! Wheeeeee.

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