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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘A Lie Guarded’

Published on February 23rd, 2017 | Updated on March 14th, 2017 | By FanFest

“A Lie Guarded” definitely heightened things, as tensions ran amuck and the audience thought for a hot second Octavia Blake was dead… but, like really… nothing is going to happen to our warrior princess. Right? Right.

It was without a doubt a strong episode and brought a much needed shift from Clarke’s usual stance when it comes to “her people.” For once she’s put into a position where her father once stood, and Jaha as well. As much as I hate to admit it, the parallels are necessary and prove a massive point, especially when it comes to picking and choosing who lives and who dies in the coming days.

Ice Nation has declared war against Skaikru and Trikru, and there goes my baby Blake plummeting off the edge of a cliff to her death. Despite Roan wanting Echo to retrieve a living and breathing Octavia– things went a little ary. I should have known that it wouldn’t be the end of Octavia as she floated down the rapid river– I mean, that was far from an honorable death, off screen nonetheless and we all know she deserves better than that. Oh, and everyone seems to cheat death on this show, so it seemed to be Octavia’s turn this time around. Although we don’t always agree with the deaths on this show, they have always been calculated and helped to progress the narrative. Something that I still do admire about this series.

A more notable moment within this episode is when our kooky delinquent Jasper found Clarke’s list of 100 names. This was one of those moments where Jasper’s giggle over Clarke deciding the fate of their people was something I couldn’t help but smirk at. I mean, it’s quite comical that Clarke would be put in this position, but is it too far fetched? No. Despite her young age, she still has been an integral part of the show, and her leadership has driven many, if not all, aspects of the narrative. It’s no surprise that Jasper wants to expose the truth… he doesn’t have anything to lose anymore and he wants to die. So why not start a riot? I honestly went back and forth over whether or not telling their people would be beneficial or catastrophic and by the end of the episode even though I thought Clarke could have gone about things a different way, I was still behind her and her reasoning at the time.

This episode might not have been the most thrilling one to date, but it sure did shed some light on the leader Clarke is, or is trying to be. The most heartbreaking moment was probably when Monty found out that he wasn’t on the list. What a noble guy to not be upset that he wasn’t on the list, but that he wasn’t told that the list was even being made in the first place. All of Clarke’s friends/team members want is a little bit of transparency. Something that never comes easily in this type of setting.

After Monty, yes, Monty blows the whistle on Clarke’s “list” Jaha offers an alternative plan… a lottery system. The drop-ship’s limited spaces will be filled based on the time you put into rebuilding the ship. Although we know that this isn’t how it’s going to go down when the time comes, it was a nice sentiment and an even nicer ploy on Jaha’s behalf to save Clarke’s public image.

On other fronts during this episode, we see Abby, Nyko, Luna, Miller, Raven, Murphy, and Emori, on the island where Becca’s lab is located. They are on a mission, hoping to manufacture nightblood. Unfortunately, Becca wasn’t a fool, and they’ll need to get through her army of drones. What kind of batteries are these drones operating on? They seem to be lasting FOREVER, even after A.L.I.E.’s demise. Spoiler alert: Nyko dies, and everyone, including myself is sobbing uncontrollably.

I would have liked to see a little more complexity to Luna’s character in “A Lie Guarded” but understood that there was a lot to cover during this episode, and taking the time to have Luna get to the conclusion of helping out the Skaikru without Raven’s awkwardly positioned heart to heart was the only way to get to the quickest route in the blood testing endgame.

I’m always scolded for not talking about Bellamy Blake enough, so here we go: Octavia’s alleged death brought out what I have been desperately seeking from this character for quite some time. It was a huge moment for Bellamy, realizing that his love for his sister wasn’t enough this time. He has always felt a sense of responsibility for his sister since the beginning and getting to see Bob Morley flex his acting chops was probably the most emotional we have seen from this character to date. It was demanding and he totally commanded it.


  • Poor Monty, he is trying to hold it together and I’m not sure how much more longer he can take it.
  • Echo’s still the worst.
  • Can I give Harper a hug? She didn’t make the list either.
  • Jaha made the list? REALLY. NO.
  • Jasper’s pranks, odd, yet satisfying?
  • Jaha’s lottery is gonna be rigged, right? Right.
  • When did Kane become Chancellor? Did I black out during that election just like I did for our own recent one in America? Probs.


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