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Thanos Subreddit Will Ban 100,000 Users

Published on July 5th, 2018 | Updated on July 5th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Infinity War might get you alive.

The internet has yet another thing for us to dwell on. It all began on the three month old r/thanosdidnothingwrong subreddit which now has more than 110,ooo members. Its moderators will pledge their legion to the Mad Titan by banning half of its members on July 9th. They’re doing just what Thanos did: destroy half the population to keep order.

Dragonphlegm, a moderator of the subreddit, called the seriousness into question.

“You seriously want us to ban half of the subreddit?” Dragonphlegm wrote.

“Restore order to this meme haven to please Lord Thanos? It would be the biggest massban in reddit history and we’d probably get into some serious trouble, but for the good of Thanos, maybe we will. (We probably won’t) snap”.

Subreddit members were all for it, but many noted that the moderation team should seek Reddit administrators opinion before trying to ban anyone en masse. The Reddit admin staff has before told off users who once created the longest comment chains on the site, and so the moderators went to Reddit’s administrators.

The-Jedi-Apprentice, a moderator, announced that, if the voting thread received at least 60,000 upvotes they would put in the effort to make the Thanos ban happen.

The upvotes were way higher than that, at 150, 000 and the-Jedi-Apprentice posted an update which said: “I am now in talks with one of the admins,” they wrote. “He doesn’t want me to ban half the sub but maybe, with your support, I can convince him to allow it.”

The moderator also said that the mass ban wasn’t encourage by the admin he was in talks with, but the admin did not completely say no. the reason why the administrators were against it, according to The-Jedi-Apprentice, is that “They know we want it but are afraid it will mess up the stability of the entire site,”

The-Jedi-Apprentice gave his word that the moderators would make the ban happen, no matter what it took and the unexpected happened, the administrators said OK.

“As you all know, I was in talks with one of the admins of Reddit. He told me that doing a massive ban the day before July 4 was a terrible idea, because many of Reddit’s engineers would be out with their families. Also, the engineers would not be prepared for a mass ban so close to it. However, I presented a solution to these two problems, and I now have their permission to ban half of the sub! The random 50% ban will take place on July 9. The admins are designing a bot for me that will allow me to do the job in a quick and easy manner. So, be patient, and thank you all for your support.”

Now, every subreddit member is waiting for the mass ban, and all the fans are ready to take whatever role they land upon. The internet is amazing.


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