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‘Terminator 6’ Working Title Revealed

Published on February 11th, 2019 | Updated on February 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

Despite the reception of the latest installment of the Terminator franchise… or should we not discuss that?

Well, the Terminator franchise is making a big comeback this fall, with James Cameron more involved as the producer this time. We’re still very much in the dark, however, Cameron recently revealed some new exciting details while touring for Alita: Battle Angel.

Even though Cameron has been very secretive about the upcoming Avatar sequels, he has been surprisingly open about Terminator 6, revealing the working title and even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement.

While working titles can indeed change, the current title seems to be Terminator: Dark Fate”. The title seems to suggest some sort of, well, dark fate either for a certain character or the world itself. With the future overran by Terminators, perhaps this is the dark fate that awaits them? or maybe the future has changed and it’s worse than we thought.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Terminator movie without Arnold. However, in an interview with IGN, Cameron revealed a very interesting detail.

“Arnold’s back and he’s bad… he’s a different Terminator than you’ve ever seen before, I mean literally, he’s a different chassis number, but he’s also a very different guy than you’ve seen before.”

It appears as though we won’t see the same T-800 that we’ve seen in previous films. Could we see Arnold adopt the T-1000 from Judgement Day? especially since the installment is acting as a sequel to the first two movies and ignoring any of the sequels that followed- mostly Genisys and Salvation.

Joining Arnold is fellow cast member Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. New members like Mackenzie David and Natalie Reyes are joining the cast, while Gabriel Luna is playing a new Terminator.

Terminator: Dark Fate is expected to arrive in November 2019. What would you like to see from the new Terminator film?  Let us know in the comments below.


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