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Ten Times Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers Stole our Hearts

Published on June 26th, 2017 | Updated on June 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

The relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes is one of our favorite pop culture relationships, quite frankly, ever. Their bond is unlike relationship we’ve ever seen, and we’re not just saying that because they’re two of our favorite superheroes. When you look at their story from being best friends in Brooklyn to Steve literally starting a civil war to protect Bucky, their roads have been long and winding but the one thing that’s never escaped either of them – even when Bucky’s brain got ‘put in a blender’ was the pull they had to one another.

Now, we know there are people who are meant to be in all facets of pop culture. From television and film to comic books and novels – in romantic and platonic relationships – however, we really can’t put our fingers on a bond that survived everything Steve and Bucky’s has.

We decided to look at 10 moments (out of so…so many) where Steve and Bucky absolutely stole our hearts.

When Steve saves Bucky in The First Avenger and the first response Bucky has is that he thought Steve was smaller.

This is more of a cute moment than one that totally breaks our hearts, but we’ve gotta nod to the times when things were happy too. There’s a lot of heartache in their story, but the sweet moments are ultra important.

When Bucky was super proud of Steve and wanted everyone else to join in, too.

See, like this one too. He called the crowd’s attention so they could all give a shout to Captain America.

When Steve told Bucky he was with him till the end of the line and Bucky remembered…even if he didn’t remember all the way.

Steve pulled out Bucky’s line and we sobbed, seriously, there were waterworks. Bucky remembers too, in this moment.

When Steve’s facial expression made us burst into tears after Bucky remembered this about their past.

Steve honestly had to catch his breath for a second when Bucky remembered these two things – ya know, the ones you can’t read in a museum. We’ll just be sitting here in our feelings for a little bit, don’t mind us.

When Bucky didn’t want to stay safe if it meant leaving Steve.

Steve told Bucky to go and he let him know he wasn’t going anywhere without him. The emotion on both of their faces in this scene shows how important they are to one another.

‘Rumlow said Bucky and all of a sudden I was a 16-year-old kid again in Brooklyn’

Steve helps Scarlet try to understand that she wasn’t solely responsible for people dying and he said that as soon as Rumlow said Bucky, he was just that 16-year-old kid again in Brooklyn. We feel it, we were too.

When Steve fought (almost to the death) because Bucky is his friend.

Bucky’s all Steve had for a long time, and Steve was all Bucky had too. The constant in both of their lives have been one another and that bond stands strong above any other.

‘Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky’

This is just sort of the theme, but…Steve always had Bucky. The emotion in this scene is heartbreaking.

When Bucky isn’t sure he’s worth the fight and the struggle and Steve reminds him that he is. 

Bucky isn’t sure he’s worth coming between friends, worth the effort it takes to save him and Steve reminds him that what he did…it wasn’t really him. Bucky didn’t have a choice, and even though Bucky still questions it, Steve never does.

When Bucky Remembers

These four words are probably the most heartbreaking, ever. He realizes that he knew him and it’s a painful moment because he realizes, too, that it means he was forced to forget him.

We could have kept going for hours. When we started this, we’d said we’d pick 5 moments and we had an impossible time trying to narrow it down. Bottom line is, Steve and Bucky inspire us.

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