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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘The Maid of Gèvaudan’

Published on February 24th, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘The Maid of Gèvaudan’

Oh, boy.

I am going to separate the two time periods within this episode. I’ll start with the story of the Maid of Gèvaudan, which is being recounted to Lydia by Gerard.

Image: MTV
Image: MTV

In the 1700s, the French countryside is being ravaged by a beast. Marie-Jeanne Valet is known as the best hunter around and decides to take on the task of bringing the monster down. Their first encounter does not go well and her entire party is slain. She is staring down the Beast with nothing more than a knife when a man, Henri, jumps in front of her, scattering mountain ash. The Beast flees. Up until then, Marie had only thought it to be a wolf and disregarded the idea of the supernatural, but now she is a believer. Marie uses a mixture of wine and mountain ash to out the Beast. It works, and the monster is none other than her own brother, Sebastian. He says he was created when he drank a mixture of werewolf blood (I think that’s what he had said) and rainwater. Marie vows to take him down, and although it take several years, she finally succeeds in driving a custom made spear (forged from mountain ash, wolfsbane, and Valet blood) through his chest. She then tells him that his name will be completely erased. Damnatio Memoriae.

The reason Gerard told Lydia the story is because he believes that Parrish might not be the only way to stop the Beast. He thinks that she could be the next Hunter (which would be awesome). Lydia says that Marie did not do it alone and that they won’t be able to either. They need Parrish. Gerard and Chris don’t really argue because they need to protect their image as they are the decedents of Marie, who went on to marry her savior Henri Argent.

Meanwhile, at Beacon Hills High School, the Beast is on the rampage. Scott stands up to it, but really doesn’t have much of a chance. Liam shows up to help after healing from his last encounter. Then, Braeden appears and shoots the monster with her shotgun. The Beast flees.

But Scott has the its scent. He and Liam track it to a car in the parking lot. Scott opens the trunk and finds the bloody shoes of the Beast. And whose car is it?


I caught on to this possibility last episode, but didn’t really want to believe it was true. Mason is the Beast and has no idea. Before Scott and Liam can act (they were pretty much in shock), Cory appears, grabs Mason, turns both of them invisible, and they’re gone. Either Cory is trying to protect Mason, or he’s taking him to Theo. Probably the latter.

Things are definitely heating up and we are in for a really intense season finale (two episodes left). The next episode is titled ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills.’

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