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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap Season 5

Published on November 13th, 2016 | Updated on November 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap Season 5

Season 5 of Teen Wolf found the pack dealing with the looming thought of graduation. With the exception of Liam, all of Team Wolf is graduating. They wonder what life will be like after high school and are scared of never seeing each other again. The pack aren’t able to focus too much on school as a new threat makes its way to Beacon Hills.

They are called the Dread Doctors and their season 5A goal is to create a chimera. They have been unsuccessful so far and results in the death of several students. The weirder thing that is happening though is that the bodies of the dead chimeras are being removed by something.

A new student, Theo, arrives at Beacon Hills and he was an old friend of Scott’s. He tells them that he is also a werewolf and came back in order to join Scott’s pack. Stiles is wary of Theo, but Theo saves members of the crew and seems to prove himself a good guy. He is far from it, however, as he is a chimera created by the Dread Doctors. He came to Beacon Hills to steal Scott’s pack. Theo creates dissension between Team Wolf and breaks up the pack during the mid-season finale. He then tracks down the dead chimeras by stealing Lydia’s memories of the Nemeton, leaving her in a vegetative state, and brings them all back to life.

The pack is divided at the beginning of the second half of the season. Scott and Stiles temporarily mend their friendship in order to save Sheriff Stilinski’s life in the premier, but there is tension between them. Stiles was forced to kill a chimera and the guilt of that decision is eating him up. This and Scott’s false trust in Theo drove a wedge between the two friends. But as it becomes more clear that something even worse is about to happen, they work through their differences. Scott and Stiles bring the pack back together with the exception of Lydia, who was admitted to Eichen House.

The Dread Doctors main goal is to revive the Beast of Gévaudan, the most powerful werewolf. They want to bring him back and then use him to exact their horrors. The chimeras were just a dry run. Theo, however, has another idea. He wanted to help bring the Beast back so that he could then steal its incredible power. To do so, Theo needs to lure the Beast to him. He uses Lydia in order to get to Parrish, who is a Hellhound, and the only one who can stand in the Beast’s way. Team Wolf gets in the way and stops Theo’s first attempt to get Parrish and Lydia.

Team Wolf learns that the Beast is a normal student by day and that soon, the presence of the Beast will overpower themand take full control. They eventually find out that Mason is the Beast and try their best to figure out how to stop him from changing again, but he is taken by the Dread Doctors. The Dread Doctors plug Mason up to a machine to amplify his power and get the Beast to take over.

Chris Argent returns to Beacon Hills when he learns that the Beast of Gévaudan has returned. He and Grandpa Argent tell Lydia the story of the Beast, who was originally defeated by their family many centuries ago. Marie-Jeanne Valet (played by Crystal Reed) and her brother Sebastien are locked in a feud when it is revealed that he is a werewolf. She kills her brother and strikes his name from all records, making it so that he does not exist (Damnatio Memoriae). The Dread Doctors are trying to get Mason and the Beast to remember who he truly was, Sebastien Valet. In doing so, Mason will no longer exist and Sebastien will return.

The final battle between Team Wolf, the Dread Doctors, Theo, and the Beast takes place. Theo tries to stop Team Wolf from getting to the Beast first, who has become a fully realized Sebastien. They defeat Theo and the Beast kills the Dread Doctors. Finally, the showdown between the Beast and the Hellhound take place, but Parrish simply isn’t strong enough.

Team Wolf, however, believes there is another way. If they can invoke Mason’s name, he might be able to expel Sebastien. Lydia was the only one who could do this, but Theo had tried to take her out of the equation by slashing her throat. Mrs. McCall injected her with medicine that could at least get her on her feet.

Scott almost dies as the Beast tries to absorb his power, but he accessed Scott’s memories and was in for quite a surprise. Allison appeared before Sebastien’s eyes and reminded him too much of his sister. This was enough of a distraction for Lydia to scream Mason’s name and save him from Sebastien’s presence. Now nothing more than a shadowy beast form, Parrish is able to kill him once and for all.

Team Wolf reflects on their experience and know that despite the looming separation, they will be okay. They will always be friends because their memories will live on. Kira goes her separate way, saying that she needs to learn how to keep her powers under control (unfortunately, this was also Arden Cho’s exit from the series). The others sit back and wait for graduation, thinking that everything is going to be okay now.

But naturally, they are very wrong. The Dread Doctors had cooked up one last experiment and it somehow got out.

Season 5 was a crazy ride, but had a lot of great, emotional moments between the pack as they broke up and got back together. I know that season 6 is going to be even more emotional since it is the last, but also because Stile will be the main focus. he whole plot is that he is getting erased from existence. It’s going to be rough.

The final season of Teen Wolf starts Tuesday, November 15 on MTV.

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